3 Traits Your Barber Must Have


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Having a top notch barber is like holding a winning lottery ticket. This is a professional you turn to regularly and one that you rely on to keep yourself looking great. With a good haircut, your whole face looks more handsome. If you look handsome, you feel more confident. If you have self confidence, you will draw success. The person who cuts your hair and shapes your beard is an important part of your life. When selecting this individual, make sure that he or she has three important characteristics.

The first trait your barber must have is talent. This cannot be overstated, as talent is a crucial part of the equation. Cutting hair, as well as trimming and shaving beards, isn’t just a mechanical skill; it’s an artistic ability that individuals are often born with. You can send anyone to art class with a set of paints and a canvas, but there will be a wide variety of results. Some artwork looks like it could hang in a museum, while others look like a kindergarten student did it. The same thing goes for the talent of barbers and hairstylists. Make sure your haircut is museum quality art.


Manual dexterity is the second “must have” trait that your barber must possess. Manual dexterity is having exemplary fine motor skills. This means having agile fingers that are able to complete tasks with finesse using tools or by hand. Not every human being has the same level of manual dexterity. Have you heard the saying “all thumbs?” This is the polar opposite of the skill set that you want your scissor wielding professional to have. Make sure your guy or gal is coordinated, experienced, and confident. Then, you’ll be sure you’ll get a great cut.

The third characteristic you want your barber to have is compassionate communication skills. There is something about relaxing in the barbershop chair while being pampered and groomed by a trusted practitioner that makes customers spill their life stories. If you’ve just had a fight with your wife or your boss is driving you nuts, you may feel better if you unload the details to someone. Hairstylists, barbers, and bartenders perform dual roles in that they listen and do their job, which is to make you look good or serve you a cocktail when you ask them. If you feel like telling your story as your hair is being trimmed, you want a compassionate communicator standing behind you in the mirror. You also want one who can keep a secret and is non-judgmental. That’s where the compassion comes in.

If you’ve already found a barber who possesses talent, manual dexterity, and compassionate communication skills, you are one lucky individual. This is a hairdresser who makes you look good so you can go about your business in the world. Be sure to show your gratitude by saying thank you and by leaving a generous tip after every cut. Twenty percent of the haircut price is customary for good service.

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3 Traits Your Barber Must Have

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