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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Viktor Schreckengost, the father of industrial design and creator of the Jazz Bowl, an iconic piece of Jazz Age art designed for Eleanor Roosevelt during his association with Cowan Pottery died yesterday. He was 101.

Schreckengost was born on June 26, 1906 in Sebring, Ohio, United States.

Schreckengost’s peers included the far more famous designers Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes.

In 2000, the Cleveland Museum of Art curated the first ever retrospective of Schreckengost’s work. Stunning in scope, the exhibition included sculpture, pottery, dinnerware, drawings, and paintings.

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If you are looking for a new home for you and your family, it can be helpful to enlist the aid of a professional who handles Real Estate Sales in Oceanside NY. By doing this, you will often find it is easier to find a home well suited for your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Many people today may feel they can locate and buy their own home as well as a professional. While there are a number of resources online to help you in trying to accomplish this, often it can still be a struggle. Most online resources are spread out, and this requires a great deal of work to gather information. In addition, online sources only include homes that are officially for sale. Because of this, it is difficult to get the upper hand on homes coming up for sale in the near future.

Using a professional who works in Real Estate Sales in Oceanside NY can help in eliminating these issues. Most real estate professionals have access to listings and other services a buyer may not be able to obtain online. They also subscribe to local listings services, a buyer may not be willing to invest in. This can make it much easier for the professional to know what is available for sale in the area.

Since a professional will work with a network of other agents, they often will share information about potential homes to be listed in the near future. This can be a great help in making sure a client can see a potential home and make an offer before someone else does. These types of leads can be invaluable to a person looking for a home designed to fit their specific needs.

Anyone who is considering purchasing a new home will find there are many ways a professional can help make the task of finding and buying a home much easier. This can be a great benefit in helping to make this type of complicated purchase proceed more smoothly. For more information on how a professional can assist you with your home buying needs, please Click Here.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

A New Zealand Marilyn Manson gig was evacuated after a fire scare. Four songs into the performance by the shock rock act at Auckland Town Hall, a fire scare caused an evacuation of the venue. On-site security stopped the performer from continuing and asked the audience to leave immediately.

Fire and ambulance crews responded, but discovered that the alarms had been caused by dry ice smoke machines.

Manson was able to continue his performance after a delay of ten minutes.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

On Tuesday, Minnesota’s Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg ordered chemotherapy for Daniel Hauser. He also issued the felony warrant for the arrest of Colleen Hauser, Daniel’s mother. The judge said Daniel should be cared for in a foster home because the parents, Colleen and Anthony Hauser, medically neglected their son by refusing chemotherapy after only one treatment.

Sheriff Rich Hoffman said that there was a country-wide search across America for Colleen Hauser and her thirteen-year-old son Daniel who has Hodgkin’s lymphoma after the pair fled a court order for chemotherapy.

The father, Anthony Hauser, told the press on Wednesday that mother and son left their home near Sleepy Eye without telling him where they were going. He also has not heard from them.

“If he’s being cared for, and it’s going to help him, I think it’s going to be a good thing,” Anthony Hauser said.

On Monday, an x-ray showed that the tumor is growing. The mother had been treating the cancer with herbal supplements, vitamins, ionized water and other natural alternatives from an internet regime. Colleen wanted to follow the native American Indian healing practices of the Nemenhah Band.

“He had basically gotten back all the trouble he had in January,” said James Joyce, the family doctor.

The court proceedings revealed that Hodgkin’s lymphoma is 90% curable with chemotherapy and radiation.

“I know people around here who’ve had chemo twice and they’re great. And I’m not saying alternative medicine is going to cure you every time.” said Anthony Hauser who appeared Tuesday in court by himself.

“Running away when there is a court order is not the way to handle it. Go home. That’s the official position of the church. Go home Colleen,” said Chief Medicine Man Phillip “Cloudpiler” Landis of the Nemenhah Band, “it can’t be good for Daniel’s health.”

Landis claims to have previously cured his own cancer by administering himself with the Chaga Mushroom. He feels that Colleen and Daniel have taken it upon themselves without approval of the court to seek advice of an Oncologist in Mexico.

Billy Best, a man who fled chemotherapy as a teenager in 1994 and claims to have cured his cancer with natural remedies, supports the Hausers’ decision.

“I just want to help this kid. I just feel like people are ganging up on him and it’s not fair. He’s a nice kid, the family’s nice, and they love him, and they want him to live,” Best said.

The police alert sent around the country said that Colleen and Daniel Hauser might be with Billy Best.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

While nearly all coverage of the 2008 Presidential election has focused on the Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for the White House also includes independents and third-party candidates. These prospects represent a variety of views that may not be acknowledged by the major party platforms.

Wikinews has reached out to these candidates throughout the campaign. We now interview Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Kent Mesplay.

Why do you want to be President?

I run for president to help improve society, pointing out that we are more secure when we live in a sustainable manner. As of this writing our culture is based on the consumption of limited materials such as petroleum, coal and uranium with great emphasis placed on the consumption of “goods” that are produced and purchased with little regard for the well-being of future generations. Government, ideally, provides an independent, objective forum through which solutions to the needs and wants of our time can be raised, discussed and implemented in a thoughtful, respectful manner. In contrast to this ideal, our current central, national government exists largely to protect and preserve the status quo of relatively few stake-holders, having undue political influence and acting in a manner not in the best interest of the majority of people. We cannot blindly consume our way to peace and stability.
A Green presidential administration would put the needs of current and future generations above the rude demands and expectations of the well-heeled political donor class. It is not important that we have a new president bearing the face of change. We need vital, core change to our political institutions to decentralize control, empower rational science-based decision-making and cut the damaging influence of corporate money on public policy. This change is unlikely to arise from within the current two political parties that are intrinsically corrupted by the ubiquitous “greased-palm” bribing handshake with corporate entities. We need to only ask how many corporate media conglomerates regularly advertize the question, “Should a corporation have the legal status of a super-person?” to realize the extent of the current dilemma. A corporation should never have been considered to have the legal rights of an individual. The Green Party is independent from business interests. This political arm of the environmental, peace and justice movements represents meaningful change to public policy and to our fragile, centralized, short-sighted way of life.
Green solutions are largely local solutions: more community gardens and small farms, reasonable use of fresh water, grey-water and waste-water, including more water storage and community responsibility for the entire water stream, energy-efficient housing and transportation, health care for all, protecting besieged ecosystems. Practically, what this means is a higher base-line of essential services with the costs shared and supported broadly. To be clear, our basic physical security deserves support, not gaming at the hands of profiteers. A common wealth for all citizens is possible, with local regional flavors in commerce and culture atop this “baseline” of security. To be danced out of the way, one finds the current heavy-handed players of agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, energy, insurance and the congressional-military-industrial complex all dependent upon “corporate socialism” for subsidies and protection from real, meaningful, positive change and shielded from probing questions as to why, for example, we so frequently go to war.
Mottos include “sustainability is security” and “freedom to debate.” I run to help define, popularize and grow the Green Party, to be an advocate for: single-payer health-care, renewable energy, increased energy efficiency, rail transport, organic local agriculture, indigenous rights, wise water use, banning lobbying/bribery, over-turning the legal fiction that a corporation is a person, and equal media exposure for all political candidates, having open debates between all political parties and beating those “swords into plowshares” by focusing on improving diplomacy, communication and basic physical security in water, food and energy in particular to mitigate the negative effects of global climate change and to provide emergency readiness. Also, I get bored easily and this keeps me busy.

Have you ever run for political office before? (President, senate, congress, city councillor, school trustee… etc.) Have you ever been a member of a political party, other than the one you’re currently in?

I ran for president in 2004 and 2008, being one of the four “finalists” at the nominating conventions. Also, I ran for U.S. Senate in California as part of a contested race in the Green Party Primary Election in 2006. I plan to run for U.S. Congress in 2010 and I am now taking the steps to begin running for the 2012 presidential race. I have been a member of both main U.S. parties and I cannot adequately express my disgust for them both. I encourage people everywhere to register Green, vote Green and support Green Party efforts at achieving and maintaining ballot access within the current hostile political environment. Ideally, we can together displace one of the two major parties; such is the near-majority level of disapproval of the antiquated mainstream parties and the desire for a true alternative.

Have you ever campaigned for another political candidate?

In 1996 I helped organize a press conference for then-presidential candidate Ralph Nader, after having helped support efforts to draft him as a candidate.

What skills or ideas do you bring from this position, or previous positions, that will benefit the Oval Office?

I believe in the separation of power within government, including economic power. Due to the influence of money in politics and within government we do not have a political system that works well to advance the needs and concerns of “we the people.” There are few, muted voices within our government supporting the dispossessed, the disenfranchised, the “left out,” the lower echelon within our socio-economic strata. Especially now, with high energy costs, questionable food supplies, shredded social safety nets, job loss due to outsourcing and other losses, loss of civil liberties and rights, the consolidation and concealment of governmental power, the “fascist” confluence of military-industrial business with governmental power, threats of unstable weather, retaliation by terrorists and opportunistic foreign governments following our model it is a good time to not be silent. I have lived with and among many different cultures, religions and peoples, I have a multi-cultural background and a mixed ancestry, I value art, music and science, I am both intuitive and analytical and I enjoy solving problems. Our nation would benefit greatly from my services. Plus, I am not “on the take.”

Campaigning for the American presidency is one of the most expensive exercises in the world. How do you deal with the cost and fundraising?

Small contributions from many people not expecting a return of favors approximates public funding of campaigns. In order to “get the word out” about my existence as a candidate it is necessary to adapt and adopt alternative, low-cost strategies. With my campaign team steadily growing I anticipate utilizing modern low-cost communication methods to help “spread the word.” Fund-raising is among the least palatable activities that I have to endure as a candidate and I will be the first to admit that I have done very little fundraising. The reader who is a U.S. Citizen of voting age is encouraged to support my candidacy by visiting my web site,, and making a small donation in accordance with Federal Election Commission guidelines. Also, simply e-mailing friends helps tremendously with these small campaigns.

What are you/were you looking for in a running mate?

My running mate would likely represent a demographic that I do not, such as being female and non-white, since I am a white male. As to character and experience, I would want to be supported by someone with great practical public experience who has remained in integrity with the original idealistic hopes and dreams that once drew them into the public eye or political arena.

Can you win the 2008 Presidential election?

I can win the 2008 presidential election by becoming the Green nominee, by inspiring otherwise non-voters to register Green and to grow Green Parties in those states where they are not yet granted ballot access and to subsequently vote in some creative, time-urgent manner circumventing the severe limitations put on candidates and parties by the secretaries of state through the country. I would have to win many of the states where the Green Party is on the ballot and I would have to find a manner allowing erstwhile green voters to legally vote in those states where we are not on the ballot.

If you can’t make it into the Oval Office, who would you prefer seeing taking the presidency?

I cannot support candidates who foolishly support nuclear power and weapons, who do not recognize the need for peace and who do not offer real, meaningful, substantive systemic change.

What should the American people keep in mind, when heading to the polls this November?

When heading for the polls this November U.S. citizens should support Green Party candidates, policies and values. Thank you.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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How Can Public Relations Help My Company?


chris tyril

At some point in every business manager, and owners career, it’s inevitable that they will ask themselves the same question. How can public relations help my company? The problem they encounter though is that there are in fact many answers, depending on the business genre of the firm.

In general terms though, it’s just very difficult to imagine any company that can’t benefit from public relations because no matter how bright the picture is now, things can always get better. So then what are public relations today, and how does it differ from the type of PR that a firm might have engaged in, say a couple of decades back?

YouTube Preview Image

The answer to that question is of course there are several differences, but perhaps the most noteworthy is the role that the Internet plays in so much of a more savvy business operators PR. You see the Internet just offers far more avenues for accessing not just the public, but in the case of larger firms, their employees and affiliates as well.

Also the big catch phrase today in the world of today’s PR is search engine optimization, or what is more commonly referred to as SEO. It’s the means by which a business owner or manager can see whatever it is that they are trying to get before the public’s eyes, and ears positioned as close as possible to page #1 in the search engines.

Sound easy? Well it’s not, and the first indicator that can clue a person in as to how difficult effective SEO can be, is the actual number of factors that Google considers when determining where to place a website, or information product. Would you believe that there are over 100 separate factors that they examine both on and off site?

Still yet, another thing to consider is that some elements of PR SEO can in fact work against a company, if they are applied improperly. What this means is that if a person manages to learn a few basic SEO techniques, and doesn’t understand how they may be interconnected in some way to other as of yet learned SEO techniques, they can and often do in fact cause damage.

So yes the Internet does offer amazing opportunities to access potentially millions of new customers, or clients through effective PR, but at the same time it does mean that there are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of new competitors. Also the way that the search engines are set up and marketing statistics pan out, if you are stuck even as few as 15 to 20 pages back you can expect no more than crumbs.

The good news though, is that the lagging global economy has left the door wide open to more savvy entrepreneurs who know how to recognize an opportunity when they see one. You see, most firms are in fact cutting back on their online public relations funding now, which means less competition for those that do fund it, and remember that the benefits of online PR last for years.

Chris Tyrrell writes for the Message Merchants a public relations agency based in the Midlands UK.

Public Relations Nottingham

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

After a press conference in London from the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London, more details are emerging about the attacks in London on Thursday.

Data from the Underground system’s power and control systems have revealed that all three bombs went off within 50 seconds of each other, at 8.50am, with the managing director of Transport for London, Tim O’Toole saying the bombs went “bang bang bang, very close together”.

The first bomb to detonate was on the Liverpool Street train soon after it left for Aldgate on the Circle line, seconds before the others. The blast tripped out the power system, visible in the control room. The first call the police received that morning reported “a bang” at Aldgate East, coming within a minute of the blast.

The Edgware Road train, leaving for Paddington and also on the Circle, exploded opposite a train coming from the other direction, making people think at first that it was a derailment. The first call to the Police spoke not of an explosion, but of a person falling under the wheels of the train. The confirmation of a bomb did not come until 9.17am, but by that time the emergency services were already on scene.

Transport for London’s new TrackerNet software is fully opertational on the Circle line, which allows for precise tracking of trains, but is not yet fully installed on the Piccadilly line. The first indication of the Piccadilly line bomb was when the tunnel telephone system wires were cut by the blast, an event logged by other software. The cutting of the lines then tripped out the track current. The tunnel itself suffered only slight damage and is safe, but the train – which was packed with commuters heading for Russell Square – is very badly damaged.

London Underground declared a ‘code Amber’ within minutes, moving trains to platforms and opening all doors. A ‘code Red’ – full evacuation – was set at around 9.15am. O’Toole described the decision to evacuate as being “very grave, not taken lightly”. When questioned as to whether everything possible had been done on the day to save lives, the managing director of Transport for London was “very proud” of the choices made that morning.

As investigations continue, all bodies have been removed from the sub-surface Circle line trains, but the carriages themselves are still in situ while a painstaking forensic investigation takes place.

Currently, work is on-going to retrieve bodies and forensic evidence from the carriage of the train in the deep tunnel of the Piccadilly line near King’s Cross. Teams of rescue workers looking for human remains are working alongside forensics experts in a “meticulous” search to find evidence.

Conditions are described as being very difficult, with high temperatures and lots of dust. Work was halted over Friday night when conditions became too bad, and resumed this morning. Efforts have been made to improve the ventilation.

Work will continue throughout tonight and possibly into Sunday. The exact number of bodies still in the wrecked carriage is unknown.

Access from King’s Cross is impossible, so workers are taking the longer route from Russell Square station to get to the front of the train.

Police have revealed that the bombs were ‘high explosives’ – not homemade. However they are declining to be specific about their composition as the information could be useful when they interrogate suspects.

Police will not confirm or deny if any parts of a timer have been found, but have said that “any device will now be in a million pieces”. Police believe the use of timers more likely than suicide bombings as the blasts were so closely timed, but are not ruling out anything.

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By Darrell Miller

If you suffer from frequent migraine headaches or maybe just once every few months, you know how painful and disruptive a migraine can be. You might have had to call off work early or take the entire day off from work or miss a family social event due to a migraine headache. You may have tried to take OTC drugs to help stop a migraine before it starts or reduce the pain while it was occurring with little luck maybe even going as far as getting a prescription drug from the doctor. Many prescription drugs prescribed for migraines have side effects such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, weight gain, low blood pressure, decreased sex drive and even insomnia yet the prescriptions do little to alleviate the pain.

If you seem to be in this category dont lose hope, there is good news regarding migraine prevention. Butterbur extract is an all natural herbal supplement that can help prevent migraines with out serious side effects. In Germany, this herb has been used for many years successfully to prevent migraines. Now available in the United States for several years, Butterbur Standardized Extract has been validated by clinical studies. Large multi-center studies involving hundreds of migraine suffers have found Butterbur extract to prevent or significantly reduce the effects of a migraine when taking on a regular basis. (3,5) In this article we will discuss how Butterbur extract prevents migraines and its safety.

You might have asked your self already, what exactly is Butterbur? Butterburs common name is Petasites hybridus which is a member of a large family of flowers, herbs and shrubs in the plant kingdom. The key component in Butterbur researchers believe reduces migraines is called Sesquiterpenes (Petasin). Petasin has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory activity which helps prevent migraines from starting. (6-7) All the clinical trials done on Butterbur used a standardized extract of 7.5mg Petasin per 50mg of the extract.

Lets look at what the difference is between migraine and headache tension. The Journal of American Medical Association Migraine Education Center says there are several differences in the two types of headaches. Tension headaches can span from hours to days and is usually located over the entire head. The intensity of tension headaches is usually mild to moderate as a dull or pressing pain in the head. Generally tension headaches have minimal to no symptoms. Migraine headaches on the other hand can last for at least 4 hours to as long as 72 hours or 3 days. Generally, migraine headaches are located on the sides of the head and are often sever in pain. Migraines can be pounding, throbbing, and increase with intensity with physical activity. Migraines are usually followed by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, with sensitivity to light, sound and odors.

Migraine headaches are usually caused by blood vessels swelling and expanding with inflammation in surrounding tissues in the brain. Researchers know what happens when a migraine attack happens, but have yet to conclude what causes the migraine originally (what is the trigger point). Most people who experience migraines have family members who experience migraines as well. Migraines headache episodes decline as people get older (1,5) With migraines, individuals sometimes experience unique symptoms; 20% of individuals experience and Aura prior to an attack. Most Auras are flashes of light or zigzagging lines making reading difficult and are followed by a migraine headache. Trigger factors are usually what cause the migraine and discovering ones trigger point can help one greatly reduce there occurrence of a migraine. Certain foods or events can cause a trigger of the migraine. Documenting dietary habits such as chocolate, alcohol, and skipping a meal can help you determine what your trigger might be. Sometimes very bright lights and strong odors, stress such as job loss or divorce can also be a trigger, even hormone factors like menstruation can trigger a migraine. (1,2)

Butterbur extract can help prevent a migraine. Scientists discovered Butterbur extract has the ability to prevent blood vessel expansion during a migraine, while also preventing inflammation which can intensify the migraine experience.

YouTube Preview Image

A double blind placebo-controlled clinical trail showed where Butterbur extract actually works to reduce migraine suffering. This study provided accurate and verifiable results and reproducible results. One study with 58 people who experienced 3 or more migraines each month consumed butterbur extract standardized to 7.5mg of Petasin twice a day compared to the placebo group, experienced significant reduction in occurrence and frequency of migraine attacks. (3) While the study was being conducted, members of each group were asked how they felt and 74% of the butterbur extract group stated they had no occurrence of migraines compared to the placebo group.

The individuals who were recruited for these studies were required to discontinue the medications they were taking for migraines to effectively eliminate the possibility of any effect from other medications while the studies are conducted.

Another study conducted divided the butterbur extract group in two and half the group received 100mg total extract and the other group received 150mg total extract each day to see if there was any benefit to taking more butterbur. The group of people who received the 150mg each day of butterbur extract experienced a sixty two percent reduction in the number of attacks compared to the placebo group and less frequency then the 100mg per day group. So there is added benefit to consuming high milligrams each day divided through out the day.

You may be wondering if you can take Butterbur extract with standard migraine medication. The answer is yes. Butterbur extract does not interfere with any migraine medications including prescription medications. (3,4) Most sever migraine suffers take more than one medication so butterbur extract is perfect for those individuals on multiple medications because it has very few side effects. When adding butterbur extract to your regiment of migraine medication be patient because butterbur extract takes up to four weeks before one will start to experience its effects.

For those of you who only experience one migraine a month or less, the research is still investigating butterburs ability to help. If you feel like a migraine is coming on, take 100mg of butterbur extract followed by 50mg every two hours but do not exceed 250mg per day. The second day take 50mg of butter bur extract morning, noon, and night three times the second day. This should successfully help you fight off your migraine.

There are very few side effects with consuming butterbur. In one of the studies, several of the patients experienced some mild gastrointestinal upset. Butterbur extract shouldnt be taken for more then four to six months, then discontinued. Even after discontinuing use, the butterbur will continue to work, because butterbur extract take a while to eliminate from the body. If a migraine returns, you can take the butterbur extract for another four to six months before discontinuing use again.

Between 11 & 18 million people in America experience migraines every year. Although there is no cure for migraines, butterbur extract may help reduce the frequency or intensity of your migraine. Standardized Butterbur extract and other great herbal supplements can be found at your local health food store or internet health food stores.


1. Journal of the American Medical Association. Migraine Information Center. Accessed February 20, 2002. Available at: www ama-assn org/special/migraine/migraine.htm.

2. American Council for Headache Education. Prevention of Migraine Headaches: What Every Patient Should Know. Accessed on February 20, 2002. Available at: www achenet org/prevention/.

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5. Hamelsky SW, Stewart WF, Lipton RB. Epidemiology of migraine. Curr Pain Headache Rep. 2001;5:189-194.

About the Author: Visit VitaNet Health Foods at VitaNet sells high quality herbs like

Butterbur Extract

from Solaray. Please link to this site when using this article.


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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Figures released by Simon Power, law and order spokesman for the National party, show that the New Zealand Labour led government lets 81% of all prisoners not do any work while in prison. Newspaper, Sunday News says that some Christchurch prisoners have been given a barbecue for good behavior.

Simon Power’s figures show that of the 7,612 prisoners only 19% (1,470) of them took part in Corrections Inmate Employment during 2006. But in 2005 it was at 23% and in 2004 it was at 26%. He says that the prisons with the least amount of inmates working are: Rolleston with 8.6%, Mount Eden with 8.7%, Rimutaka with 11%, Christchurch Women’s with 13.5% and Dunedin with 13.8%. Mr Power said: “These figures are an appalling indictment on this Government’s approach to prisoner rehabilitation and preparing them for release.”

“In May, Corrections Minister Damien O’Connor announced a strategy that he said would help in ‘significantly increasing the number of prisoners in work and training. But a week later this was shown to be nothing more than window dressing when the Budget increased funding for prisoner employment by a measly $336,000 – up 1%.”

“They have cut funding [on the Corrections Department] by 27% since 2001/02, from $46.5 million to $34 million.”

Mr Power blames the low work rate on the big prison construction budget of $490 million. “There would have been more than a miserable $336,000 extra to spend on effective rehabilitation and work schemes,” he said.

“[Mr O’Conner] seems happier to spend $11 million on landscaping four new prisons and allow prisoners to sit around playing Playstations and Xboxes on their flat-screen TVs than he is about helping them get better prepared for when they are released.”

“Prisoners should be doing meaningful work, training or study while they are in prisons, and I imagine the public would agree,” Mr Power added.

Mr Power, commenting on the barbecue, said: “These people are in prison because they were found to be in serious breach of the law. The victims of their crimes will be grossly offended by the idea that they are being rewarded for anything. This is the just the latest in a long line of incredibly bad decisions made by the Corrections Department over the past year and taxpayers have had enough.”

Bevan Hanlon, president for the Corrections Officers Association, said: “The Mobsters getting a BBQ was a “joke”. (Christchurch Prison) staff are reporting the smell of dope every day. Mobsters are threatening staff on a daily basis and there appears to be high cellphone use (mobile phones are banned in jail). So what happens? They are given a BBQ.”

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