By Rochelle Steelsen

Have you ever wonder why most of the gardens have shed or storage? Well, garden shed is not created just for display or just to be part of the decoration it has a purpose.

Garden shed or outdoor storage is what we usually seen in most of our gardens. It is a simple, single-storey structure in the back of your garden that is basically used for storage. Some use it for allotment or as workshop. This also helps you to organize your things at your back garden.

Garden shed varies from sizes, complexity of their construction, their purpose and their type. All of these depend on the kind of farm or industry.

Types of Garden Shed


Small domestic shed – this is the simplest and less expensive type of shed. The small domestic shed normally comes in a ‘do-it kit’. It is used as storage for home and garden tools and equipment. This shed is also good as indoor storage for gasoline, pesticide or herbicide. If you have small garden and have small storage needs then this type of shed is best suited for you. Small domestic shed includes corner shed (3′ tall x 3′ wide x 2′ deep), vertical shed (5′ tall x 3′ wide x 4′ deep), horizontal shed (3′ tall x 5′ wide x 4′ deep and tool shed.

Larger domestic shed – since this type of shed is larger than the first type of shed, and then most probably this is more expensive. Larger domestic shed is also constructed of wood and have features that are typically seen in house construction. This type of shed provides a larger space of storage and gives a wider space for all of your backyard equipment. Although sheds are just use as storage, you can still add some decorative like dormers, shutters, flowerboxes, finials, and weathervanes. You can also put benches, ramps, ventilation systems and electrical lighting on it.

Aside from the variety of types a shed has, it is also differs in purposes or uses.

Garden sheds – the most popular use of shed is for garden shed. This includes the tool sheds and potting sheds.

Bike sheds or bicycle shed is used to support bikes, locked it – this ranges from simple to complex structure along with walls, and locking doors.

Boat sheds – these are lockable wooden sheds that are built near a body of water use to store small boats or other related items. This comes in larger structures.

Agricultural sheds – if you live in a farm then definitely you should use this shed. This is used to store farm equipment, tools, tractors and suppliers.

Arena – this is a simple shed with an open roof structure and partially walled or fully enclosed large under cover area. Normally provides an all year usage of facility with protection from the weather.

Garden shed or for some they call it outdoor storage comes in variety. If you are planning to build your own at your garden then it is best to consider the type and purpose so that you are able to come up with a very good one. You may also try to consider this article when you have decided to construct a garden shed for you.

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