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There are many people who like to feel happier than they are now. It is easy as a cake. Some may tell you that they are depressed and are feeling very low themselves. This is just a passing feeling or mood. Most of us could have fights or upsetting breakups but they will pass away in time. Experts say that the key to happiness is in oneself. The expression of joy or love can be received by anyone even a normal or a saint. Just looking at the blue skies can bring a smile or laughter to a child. There is nothing like impossible in life. Anything and everything is possible. You just have to grab and win it. Just like winning a bride you have to face competition and win against all odds. Write down your aims and goals each day and you can win miles everyday.

1. Smile to yourself by facing the mirror. You should be first happy with your reflection. You should be glad that you can see yourself and are real.

2. You can also go out with close friends to enjoy yourself. Having a cool ice cream shared with your husband or friend can bring a closeness to your heart and feelings. You will feel happier. When you are closer to your hubby you can feel at the top of the world. Cuddling and hugging can make one feel more comfortable with the person.


3. You can also go shopping. Shopping is a delightful experience. You will feel relaxed soon. You can also choose to pick a new shop everyday. You can visit shop A or shop B and feel better. You can even win a new friend by chatting with the cashier.

4. Another thing is to visit the spa. You can enjoy a smooth massage and feel better about yourself.

5. You can also write poems and cheer yourself up. Writing is an art and can improve lives. Poetry is known to heal a soul very quickly and well. I know friends who exchange poems to wish each one the best of luck.

6. You can also get a new job to get a new pay check and bring a new image to yourself. This can help you to feel better. Meeting new bosses or new co-workers can bring a change that can give optimism.

7. Babysitting a newborn can also bring lots of joy to oneself. You can find yourself hugging and kissing the child or even your own kids can give your happiness. You need to spend time with them to feel joy.

8. Another way is to travel to new countries. I know of buddies who are travel writers who love to visit castles and spas in other cities to feel a uplifting of emotions. They feel better when they can speak the language of the foreign countries. Even a mysterious castle can bring a new romance or a new friendship. A change of environment is gd for everyone.

All the best.

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