By Michelle Barkley

Money, indeed, makes the world go round and it holds true for a business enterprise too. Unless a business manages its funds in a proper and accurate manner, it will have no chance of earning a profit as the funds can be easily misplaced or misappropriated. Hence, every business ensures that there is a separate division that is exclusively devoted to maintaining the accounts of an organization on a day to day basis. However, this can be financially draining for the organization to hire professionals just to maintain the accounts of a business and the easier way out seems to be accounting outsourcing to a vendor in a country like China or India. As more and more corporate enterprises realize the multiple benefits of this decision, the process of outsourcing this kind of work is achieving ever increasing popularity.

Accounting outsourcing involves handing over the work of maintaining financial records and accounts of a company in a systematic manner on a day to day basis, by professionals outsourced by the company. The professionals are not only qualified to handle the accounts of your company in an accurate and systematic manner but they also would cost you a lot less. The reason for this financial difference is that labor is much cheaper in countries like India and China than in the western countries. Also, the accountants are comfortable in using any software that is available in the market, hence you as a client, could ask them to continue maintaining your accounts with a software that your company is already used to.


It helps to opt for accounting outsourcing because you have ready and instant access to accurately and chronologically maintained financial record of your business on a day to day basis. Whenever you require the records for your perusal, the vendor could have the necessary files send to you over the internet which makes it an instant transaction. Such instant availability of accurately maintained records comes in handy when a company auditor needs to review your financial records or you need to submit your taxes or even while filing returns. Also, having your financial records in place helps to give your company more accountability and credibility in the eyes of the investor, customer, lender, creditor, supplier and the general public.

In order to plan future growth path for your business, you need to know where you stand in the market. An accurate idea of this can be provided by your financial records. It therefore helps to go in for accounting outsourcing so that you have proper records of every day’s income and expenditure. Each transaction contributes to the creation of a journal entry, profit and loss sheet, balance sheet and other accounts of a company. When a competent and reliable third party is handling these issues for you, the company is bound to make progress and you can concentrate on other aspects of your business in a better frame of mind too, knowing that your finances are in good and dependable hands.

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