My Experience With Paid Surveys

By Todd Mcdaniel

First off ill let you know I did get caught in the trap and decided to try this method for a quick cash boost. It was about a year back now I was surfing the net and found this site claiming to provide me with unlimited amount of surveys in which ill get paid for if I complete. All I had to do was pay about $50 one off start up fee. I bit the bullet and decided to give it a try; I paid the money and then began to receive emails from the site with surveys to complete. I can’t fully remember the whole story as it was a long time ago but I can say one thing – I never have received any money from paid surveys. However I’m not saying that they are scams, I’m sure there are legit companies out there who can help you earn extra cash for simply filling in surveys. The one thing I lack is motivated, I will admit that. I have started so many money making schemes and got half way through and decided to try something else to try earn a quick buck. I will say that there is money to be made with taking online surveys and are definitely worth a shot if you have some extra cash to play with, the thing is finding the legit ones as I’m sure there are many scams which won’t deliver. Try to go on recommendation from people you know as they have nothing to gain from lying about it and be sure you do your research before hand to ensure your investing in a real company offering a real service and don’t be misled by the persuasive sales speech.

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The company I went was provided by ciao and I can vouch for them but as said before the reason I didn’t make any money was down to my self motivation and concentration as I found better ways to make money which aren’t as dull and boring. I still receive emails to date with surveys I can complete but they just go to my junk folder in my yahoo account and I don’t check them. If you focus the time and dedication you can definitely make good money with surveys as you can get tools to aid you which will make the process even quicker, tools such as roboform will be invaluable, for those who haven’t heard of roboform its basically a tool where you can fill in your information such as name, address, date of birth, etc and with the click of a button it will fill in any forms on the current page with that information. If you plan on going into the paid survey market this tools is a must – it’s also available free of charge with the chance to upgrade for a small one off fee which will give you more benefits so after your first paycheque I would strongly recommend upgrading to the full version to speed things up even more!

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