Natural Tooth Ache Remedies

Natural Tooth Ache Remedies


Jessica Morgan

Tooth ache is no laughing matter. The pain can be debilitating, shooting into the eye, the ears and the jaw. This is generally referred to in medical terms as maxillofacial pain. Even if you look after your teeth and use high quality and effective

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as part of your oral health and teeth whitening regime you may still, from time to time, experience this problem.

Any really severe pain emanating from the teeth should be the only prompt you need to get yourself to the dentist as fast as possible.

Causes of tooth ache

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Tooth ache can be caused by any one or a combination of reasons. Some people notice tooth pain after using

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which usually indicates an underlying dental problem. Sensitive teeth can cause a great deal of pain and of course injury to the tooth or gums can be agony!

What to do if you have tooth ache

If you have tooth ache try to identify what could be causing it if you can. Sometimes the cause can be obvious as in the case of injury and if serious and if you can\’t get a prompt appointment at the dentist then get to your local accident and emergency department. Most tooth aches are transient and with a little treatment and know-how can be relieved.

Natural remedies

We\’ve all seen the cartoons, a character with a tooth ache, their jaw clamped shut by bandages tied at the top of the head. Pressure of this kind can be a great relief and naturally the first thing to try. Some tooth ache responds well to cold so try sucking an ice cube. On the other hand, applying cold could send your level of tooth pain into the stratosphere. A warm flannel to the side of the face can really help in such instances.

For centuries cloves and clove oil has been used as a local anaesthetic. It can be rubbed on the gums and whether you love or loathe its highly aromatic taste it is pretty effective stuff. It can even get to root and nerve pain as it is absorbed through the gum wall. For a more dramatic effect and in the case of more severe pain then fermented grain whisky can be rubbed into the gum. In varying degrees both whisky and cloves have antibacterial properties which will help kill any bacteria that may be causing or exacerbating the problem.

Preventing tooth ache

Keeping teeth and gums healthy is the number one way to keep tooth ache away. Keep teeth white using great teeth whitening kits that contain ingredients proven not only to whiten teeth but to kill bacteria that can cause gum disease which is a leading cause of tooth ache and eventual tooth loss in adults?

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as well as the latest technology and information on teeth whitening methods.

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