Texas Condo Insurance

By Russell Neal

Texas condominium insurance offers a number of advantages that a standard Condo/Coop Master policy provided by that HOA might not.

In many cases, associations only insure the condo as built, along with any standard housing fixtures such as plumbing and wiring installed at time of construction. Over the years improvements may be made that are not covered under the original condo insurance policy, and a recent buyer may assume that improvements are covered when indeed they are not. To prevent any after the fact and very unpleasant surprises, Texas Auto Home Insurance has completed considerable research specifically for condominium owners, landlords, and tenants in all Texas regions and cities that can answer these and many other questions in advance, plus provide information on how to obtain better condo insurance rates and more comprehensive, itemized coverage.

We have written this short essay to better inform you of the many excellent opportunities in a wide variety of coverage this form of insurance offers to Texans.

It is important before we go much further to differentiate between the types of Texas condominium insurance policies residents often hold or consider obtaining. The first is the master policy, or ‘coop policy.’ It insures the areas that residents in a building share in common with one another, such as elevators, roofs, utility facilities, walkways, and patios. Should any of these areas be damaged by a covered claim peril in or on the insured property, the complex and/or homeowners association that holds the master condo insurance policy will cover most repairs. This however, does not cover personal possessions, or extend to any improvements you may have made if you are an owner who has purchased the condo as an investment. For this, a person must have a personal Texas condo insurance that also will indemnify them against additional perils and damages.

The only way to make certain that all fixtures, improvements, and contents of a condominium are covered is to study either the bylaws of the building association or the details of the condominium lease. Often this can be confusing and may require the individual to pay an attorney to clarify. Texas Auto Home Insurance can help by providing Texas condominium owners, landlords, and tenants a simple and very clear list of things to look for in their documentation. George White, President of Texas Auto Home Insurance Agency, can also tell you what questions you need to ask in order to clarify the coverage if the documentation you have been given appears vague or confusing. If you decide you need additional condo insurance coverage George White’s staff can utilize an extensive network of resources to find the very best policies, coverage extensions, and premium rates for Texas residents. The following constitutes a brief list of examples:

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Unit Assessment

Should your homeowner’s association charge you a portion of a covered loss (say, for example, a fire in the complex), this coverage will reimburse you the funds necessary to fulfill your requirements.

Water Back Up

We strongly recommend that Texas residents invest in this coverage. Many condos in Texas on are 40 years in age or even older and may be subject to occasional water and sewage problems.

Personal Liability

This provides extended, specific condo liability insurance coverage beyond standard Texas coop policies. It also protects landlords who manage properties on behalf of owners from any personal litigation against them that might be filed by a tenant.

Personal Content Coverage (owners, landlords, AND tenants)

Texas condo renters may insure expensive contents such as furs and jewelry. We strongly recommend this because standard policies only indemnify tenant property up to stated limits unless additional coverage is added.

Natural Disasters

Perils in Texas range broadly per region of the state. Your agent can assess these for your and give you the best coverage to protect against them as needed in your area.

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