Tips For More Attractive Fencing}

Tips for More Attractive Fencing


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The fences on your property may serve a practical purpose, but they are also a critical part of your landscape. It’s important to know how to maintain them—both so they can last as long as possible, and so they won’t detract from the appearance of your home. Learn how to perform regular maintenance on your fences, and contact a company like Artistic Fencefor major repairs.

Know Your Fencing Materials

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The care your fence requires depends largely on the material it’s made from. Some fencing materials, such as vinyl, require very little maintenance except for occasional touchups. Other materials require regular hands-on attention to stay in perfect condition. Wood is particularly prone to rotting, and should be stained regularly to help prevent moisture and insects from getting inside the wood. Metal fencing is tougher than wood and lasts a long time, but should be kept as dry as possible to prevent rust from forming. You can also cover it with a wax or paint to help protect it.

Keep Your Fences Clean

No matter what your fence is made from, keeping it clean is the best way to help it last as long as possible. You can rinse off most fences with a garden hose to remove dirt, pollen, and other particles that may scratch its surface. If you have a fence that may be damaged by excess moisture—like wood or metal—make sure to rinse it off on a warm, dry day when the water will evaporate quickly. You can also protect your fence by keeping the area around it free of weeds and other debris. Even though you may not notice damage at first, any abrasion on your fence will create small scratches that will mar its surface and make your fence more susceptible to rot or corrosion. Companies like Artistic Fencecan also help you to maintain your fences if they’ve suffered extreme damage after a long winter or a heavy rainstorm.

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Tips for More Attractive Fencing }

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