Versatile Bedroom Paint Colors You’ll Love

By Alyssa Davis

When selecting paint colors for the bedroom, you likely want to choose a color that will coordinate with your existing decor theme, but that is also versatile and that will coordinate with future themes that you might decide to go with. Choosing flexible colors that will go well with future decor makes it a simple matter to redecorate on down the road without needing to repaint. With a bit of legwork, you can select the paint color or colors that will make it possible to achieve this feat and that will stand up to the test of time and trends.


The greatest choice for most rooms when it comes to paint color for the walls comes from the neutral color palette. Neutral shades can be useful for creating a backdrop for most decor schemes that you might wish to use. This is a good approach for choosing the wall color that will go with your existing decor theme, and that will work well with designs that you might choose in the future. Neutral colors can create a blank canvas for other designs and colors that you might want to use in the room in the future, while working to reduce the amount of perceived ‘visual clutter’ within the room.

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Warm or Cool

Although a neutral color, from a decorator’s standpoint, is neither cool nor warm, you will find that even white, off-white, and other neutral colors have some undertones that make them lean more toward either a cool or warm palette. Keep in mind, then, that neutral colors that you select can fall into a cool or warm color category. A good rule of thumb is to use an accessory or linen from the room when selecting the neutral wall color. A paint color swatch is a great way to compare possible wall color choices but be sure to make the comparison in natural light. Fluorescent lighting or incandescent lighting can modify the actual color, which makes it hard to determine if it is the right shade for the room. Painting a small, inconspicuous area in the room with a sample of your chosen color will help you to better make a determination about using the color for the whole wall.

Colors to Set the Mood

Even with the subtler neutral color palette in a room, you can still set the mood for your bedroom by going with a warm or cool color palette. Neutral shades with undertones of orange, yellow, or red are warm and can make the room appear to be inviting and cozy. Warm neutrals include ivory and cream. This color palette is typically a good choice in the bedroom. Inversely, neutral shades with undertones of green, blue, or purple are naturally cool, and they set a mood that is calm and relaxing, which is obviously much-sought-after in the bedroom. Shades in the cool neutral palette include light shades with undertones of gray-green and lighter slate gray.

About the Author: senior staff writer, Alyssa Davis, specializes in designing with art wall mirrors and sailboat metal wall art.


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