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There are many different reasons why you would want to put up a fence. No matter what the reason may be it is important to know how to find the best fence installer and Fence Builder to get the job done right the first time. This article will go over how to go about finding the right company to handle your fence job. The last thing you want to do is hire the wrong people and have shoddy work done that you will need to replace right away.

The first thing that you need to decide before even looking for a company to build and install your fence is on what type of fence you are looking for. There are several different kinds of fence materials that you can choose from that will not only look drastically different, but, will cost different as well. So deciding on what material should be your first step. Here is a list of a few different common types of materials used in fences.



Chain Link

Wrought Iron



These are the most common types of materials used in fences and most companies will supply them. However, not every Fence Builder Minneapolis professional is created equal. You should also do a search on local companies to see how liked they are. Do they have good reviews? Talk to your neighbors, especially those who have newer fencing that you admire. These types of quick inquiries can really pay off. Especially since you want to make sure that the job gets done the right way the first time.

Once you have a list of companies that you have heard good things about you can do a price comparison with them. Check to see if they are running any specials right now, often times they will offer a special discount to new customers as well. Keep in mind however, that just because someone is the cheapest that doesn’t always been you should go with them. Take everything into account before deciding, sometimes the cheapest service provider can cause you future out of pocket expenses because the job was not done right.

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Is without question your incredible pet pooch giving entry into the world for only the first time? Is the doggie likely to deliver birth and labor for only the very 1st time? Should this method be your lovable dog’s initial entry into the world? Mainly, family dog puppy owners are usually unknowing in regard to how to serve ones own family dogs within the delivery event. They’re just uninformed on what guidelines and best practices to consider that’s why it leads to ignorant trouble not to mention fearfulness. A good doggy delivery would be supervised practically 100 % by the four-legged friend itself, you simply need to try to be there to be ready in addition to comfort. It is the way family dogs happen to be. There is without a doubt zero reason to be worried, actually attempt to stay relaxed as well as stick to all of these several relatively easy activities.

For those who are more of a visual woman or man, I will provide you with dog birth video to present you with even more arrangement. Given that most men and women doing their very own pet dog s dog-birth with regard to the first occasion possibly will wander off to any a lot of stress, this pooch life video could very well be viewed here in reference to the genuine things that should show up. Please consider the valuable experience throughout the video clip with your very own furry friend’s dog-birth encounter for internal comfort level. Certainly there is definitely no need to dread provided that the pet pooch will be not actually going through whatever other problems which could be witout a doubt paid by your primary vet’s when you go ahead and take expecting a puppy canine to the pet clinic soon after the immediate symptoms of conceived state.

Principal problems pertaining to concepted state

Some foremost pregnancy problems really are not being active, all round shift linked to demeanor as well as, appetite. That should not become too difficult to find for someone who is generally loving with his or her pet doggy. You can check with respect to nipple area growth to have a more informed thought. Subsequent to the 1st time birthing weeks, your doggie will begin to get fat together with some of the midsection can be a little bigger around when the actual pet dogs physical body gets ready for the purpose of maternity.


Is without question a pet pooch wanting to have puppies?

Capturing a anus heat range reading should easily reveal when the furry friend is usually happy to begin dog birth or otherwise. A great spectrum related with one-hundred one to one-hundred two degree is without question routine. Almost any decline in the high heat (taken from time to time multiple times) will make sure all the dog birth can happen within the next twelve to twenty-four hr. roughly.

Producing your incredible pet pooch’s dog’s nest

It is generally any paramount detail as the pet doggie needs an actual and comfortable together with warm ambiance to deliver her her newborn puppies. She will require a fresh new dog birthing nest utilizing completely clean bathroom towels or perhaps an good old mattress with some room. This dog-birthing nest turns into a recurring atmosphere in which the mother can breastfeed your pregnant dog’s newborn litter.

Straight to birth

Given that she has a fabulous plus ample dog-birthing nest to have directly into, your dog’s contractions will begin when she commences labor. The vulva can easily release a green-colored liquid which is really pretty ordinary. The puppy dogs will shortly start to thrust outwards. Your lovable dog must have her room or space through the process. You shouldn’t interfere if your favorite canine friend’s dog-birth seems just like the training video provided in this posting. Your dog’s umbilical-cord will undoubtedly be removed by way of the mom. This is really all part of your family pet dog’s natural delivery event.

When to get involved?

Everything mentioned earlier on is the entire process of the traditional, healthy and balanced pregnant state. You’ve done your behalf by just starting your dog’s nest plus allowing your loving family dog sufficient room or space but also in case any of the following happens, you may want to successfully get in the way and even come to your own doggie’s aid:

If the young canine gets jammed you may help out by using your uncovered palms to be able to gently pull your brand new k9 out.

If, perhaps natal emission hangs there for far too long after the dog birth, swiftly call your family animal doctor.

Listed below is always a fabulous tip that you may take. To maintain bugs coupled with harmful bacteria away, clean up the dog birth nesting place constantly.

About the Author: Hello, I’m a product specialist 22 years who writes about merchandise that benefit the home-owner and fosters considerably better remedies for home living.Greetings, I am a product article writer 40 yrs old who researches things that assist the household owner and produces improved remedies for home living. Today I’m studying


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Handmade Baby Food vs. Commercially Produced, Store Bought Baby Food

Food from your baby food catering business will be differentiated from commercial, factory produced baby food in the following ways:

People & Production

Your baby food is made-by-hand by individuals who are committed to the quality of the baby food. At least one certified chef is on duty at all times supervising the process and ensuring that ingredient and cooking standards are met. The food is made in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen like the ones used by top chefs.

Commercial baby food is produced in mass in a factory or co-packing facility. More often than not, baby food is not the only food product produced in the facility. Typically baby food is made by workers that do not have culinary training and do not have a passion or commitment to high quality baby food.

Hand Selection of Ingredients

Each and every ingredient in your baby food, down to the smallest berry, is hand selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality and to make sure that it is completely ripe.

Commercial baby food is made from massive deliveries of bulk produce that arrive on loading docks. Food quickly passes by workers on conveyer beltsthere is little time for manual inspection.

Source & Quality

The majority of the ingredients in your baby food are locally grown. They are picked only when fully ripe and go from the field to our kitchen within a matter of days, sometimes hours.

Produce used to make commercial baby food comes from multiple sources and multiple countries. It is often picked before fully ripened, to withstand the long transport from the field to the factory. Sometimes produce becomes over-ripe or rotten as it sits on trucks, in warehouses, or on loading docks for days or weeks.


You use only 100% organic ingredients that are never stored near other non-organic ingredients or produced alongside non-organic foods.

Even foods that are made with organic ingredients can be contaminated with pesticides when they are transported or stored with or near non-organic ingredients or produced in a facility that also makes non-organic food products. Commercial baby food is often made in large factories or by co-packers that also produce non-organic foods.


All of produce used in the production of your baby food is individually washed or scrubbed by hand.

In commercial baby food factories, produce is either rinsed as it passes under a sprayer on a conveyer belt or it may be allowed to sit in a vat of water to be cleaned. Often the process involves cleaning agents or chemicals.


All the produce used in the production of your baby food is peeled, cored, or diced by hand. This provides a second inspection of the ingredient before cooking.

Produce used to make commercial baby food is peeled, processed, and cut by machines in large batches. Seeds, stems, rotten spots, etc. can easily go over looked and may be included in the final product.


The majority of your baby food made using produce that has been gently steamed to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients are not “cooked out” of the food. This process also helps the food to retain its natural color. Some foods are baked or roasted whole to ensure that the natural juices are retained.

Commercial baby food is boiled in large vats or cooked quickly in giant, super heated ovens. Both processes are designed to cook the food as quickly as possible so large amounts can be produced at once. The food must be cooked at high enough temperatures to be sterilized in order for it to sit in a warehouse or on a store shelf for long periods of time. Essential nutrients and natural colors are lost. Vitamins and color must be added back into the food. This is accomplished using either synthetic materials or fruit/vegetable concentrates or dyes. Some food dyes are made using ground insects.


Your baby food is pureed in small batches which are weighed and measured by hand. Each batch is checked and rechecked to ensure a smooth or creamy texture.

Commercial baby food is ground in large, industrial vats. Sometimes tons of food is processed at once.


You add only a small amount of distilled water to your foodjust enough to allow for a smooth puree. Because we add such a small amount of water, there is no need to add thickening agents.

Large amounts of water are added to commercial baby food to “thin it out”. This allows the company to get more baby food out of each pound of produce (water is cheap) thus increasing company profits while nutritionally cheating babies. Thickening agents, such as starch, are then added (starch is cheap too). Thickening agents also “stabilize” factory-made foods by keeping the complex mixtures of oils, water, acids, and solids well mixed.

Quality Control

At every point in the cooking and pureeing process the temperature of the food is checked and rechecked to ensure that the correct temperature and consistency is being met. Temperature is monitored during the cooking process to make certain that vital vitamins and minerals are not “cooked out”, and as food is cooled to avoid pathogen growth.

Most of the production is often monitored by computers rather than humans.


Your baby food is packaged by a person, giving it one final quality check.

Commercial baby food is packaged by big machines that squirt food into jars or containers with no one overseeing the process.

Freshness, No preservatives

Your stores/kitchen/etc.make fresh baby food daily. You only make enough food to fulfill the needs of for the current week. Your baby food is sold or delivered to customers within 24 to 48 hours of being made. There is no need to add preservatives and no food is wasted.

Commercial baby food is made in mass. Tens of thousands of “units” of baby food are produced each day. Commercial baby food can sit in a warehouse or on a store shelf for up to 2 years. The companies must add chemical or natural preservatives to keep the food from degrading. Even frozen baby food in the grocery store can sit in the freezer for months before it is sold.

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Technological innovations have hands down taken the world by storm. The hottest of them is AI and Blockchain.

Before these sensational buzz words invade our lives completely, which they already have to a large extent, don’t you think we should know a little more about them?

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of AI-

For starters, AI or Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. It has been around us for more than 60 years now. Coined by McCarthy, back in 1955, it was described as – “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”

Now, Intelligence here refers to generalized learning wherein a learner (machine)-

  • performs effectively in situations it hasn’t encountered before.
  • possesses the ability to reason wherein it can draw inferences and conclusions.
  • solves problems that mean it finds x when such and such data is given.
  • starts perceiving.

Artificial intelligence is doing most of them, if not all.

The most interesting part? You’re using AI day in and day out without even realizing it.

If today, you asked Alexa to order a pizza for you or browsed Netflix movie suggestions, then you did use AI.

Yes, we are that into it.

How else do you think your SIRI gives you a list of the nearby grocery stores or the closest restaurants for that matter?

It converts your voice into text format, feeds it into the search engine, the search engine then reads back the answers to you in human syntax. Amazing? It is!

There’s also yang to the yin of AI. It can make AI- a little less artificial and a lot more intelligent.

We call it Blockchain.

We all have heard of it, today let us know what it actually is.

In a world where data has become our biggest asset, its security has become crucial than ever before.

That is precisely what blockchain takes care of.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that is open to everyone. It was originally invented to timestamp digital documents so that their tampering becomes impossible. It has been around for many years but rose to prominence only in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto founded Bitcoin- a digital cryptocurrency.

Speaking of structure, it is a chain of blocks that contain information, hence the name – Blockchain. Each block contains – data, hash, and hash of the previous block.

It works on a peer-to-peer network and isn’t managed by a single entity. All this adds to its security.

Now, to tamper the data in the blockchain,

  • one needs to tamper all the blocks,
  • take control of more than 50% of peer to peer networks.

And that is quite impossible to achieve.

To make it simpler, what it essentially does is-

It removes the third party from the picture and decentralizes the power of data management.

Hence, the power is distributed among the peer-to-peer network and the transactions become absolutely transparent and secure.

AI and Blockchain convergence – what can you expect?

Individually, AI and Blockchain have garnered much interest in the technological sphere.

Let’s look at their differences first-











Black box





The two technologies are quite opposite in nature and integration is sure to be intense!

A lot of data is being generated and AI makes use of it. But with this massive amount of data, there’s a continuous threat to its security. Blockchain comes to play here! It cannot analyze the data but provides it a decentralized base, and makes the transactions transparent thereby lending a highly secured system.

How do they complement each other?

  • AI, being a black box, and by the courtesy of its probabilistic approach might make a mistake in case of faulty data input. And that can cause havoc! Therefore, a secure and transparent way is needed to overcome this. That’s how Blockchain compliments AI.
  • Coming to Blockchain, consists of multiple miners that verify the data at every stage thereby leading to wastage of energy. AI can streamline this process and can decrease the mining cost.
  • AI can also compliment Blockchain by making smarter decisions about data storage and maintenance.

How will they change the MOBILE INDUSTRY?

I want you to imagine 24 hours without your mobile phone. Difficult? Quite impossible, actually. We live in a world where every aspect of our life heavily relies on our mobiles.

Therefore, it’s only wise to understand how the attractive convergence of AI and Blockchain will affect the mobile industry.

Here are 6 ways in which the game will be changed forever-

  1. Security- Well, this has to be the first on this list. We have practically lost the count of the number of applications that have our data. With AI and Blockchain, we can be sure that it won’t be mishandled or tampered by hackers.
  2. Increased transparency- The data that we give out, in numerous ways, is processed by AI. Blockchain can monitor and control this data so that no interference is caused by third parties.
  3. Decentralized marketplace- Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc are AI giants that have the centralized power to manage our data. This data, however, cannot be shared among the AI’s. With Blockchain in the picture, not only the security and privacy of data will be ensured, but also the merger and interaction of the data will be made possible.
  4. No fraudulent transactions- In today’s time, we are heavily dependant on e-transactions, and thus securing them is of utmost importance. With AI and Blockchain, these transactions will become entirely transparent to the data owner and any fraud or breach will be reported in real-time.
  5. Highly personalized experiences- AI will no more fail to serve the customers with personalized experiences due to the tampering of data at some stage, as blockchain will make sure that data remains immutable and secure. That simply means more privacy in terms of experience on platforms like Amazon and Netflix.
  6. Self- auditing- Yes, the user will be able to monitor how his sensitive data is managed and employed.

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SBI Life-Smart Elite is a unit-linked life insurance plan crafted exclusively for high net worth individuals. The plan is no different from other Ulips offered by SBI Life except that it has a high premium bracket starting from Rs 1,50,000. It offers two protection options. Under the Gold option, the diagram provides a choice of higher of sum assured or fund value on unfortunate events.

Under the Platinum choice, the nominee of the policyholder would receive both. The scheme offers six alternative investment options (funds) with varying equity and debt exposure for the policyholder.

COST STRUCTURE: The large ticket size has helped keep the cost of this scheme low. The insurance company charges 15% premium allocation charges for a 5-year period. This is much lower than the 20-25% charged by some other insurers.

Additional premium paid towards investment purposes only (top-ups) attract a 2% allocation charge. The policy administration charge is fixed at Rs 600 per annum for a single premium policyholder and Rs 720 pa for the rest. This helps in keeping the cost organization low since the administration charge is defined in absolute terms and is not linked to the annual premium. It needs to be noted that the scheme’s mortality charges are same as that of the LIC mortality table, unlike other insurance companies, which have higher charges.


BENEFITS: SBI Life-Smart Elite is a flexible plan with various premium payment modes. The system allows the policyholder to increase or reduce the sum assured based on the needs. However, this flexibility is only allowed three times in the entire policy tenure. An increase in the sum assured is subject to underwriting and is not available at 50 years and above. The plan offers a settlement option, under which a policyholder can take away the fund value at maturity in five instalments.

PERFORMANCE: SBI Life-Smart Elite offers a basket of six investment options of which three funds are more than five years old. These include Balanced Fund, Bond Fund and Money Market Fund, while the rest three are recently launched and are just about a year old.

While most of the old funds have outperformed the benchmark with good margins, the new funds are yet to show their sheen.Equity Elite fund is nowhere close to the regular equity fund of SBI Life which is the best performing fund in the category with more than 23% annualised returns. P/E Managed and Index funds, which are equity-oriented funds, have also not put up an encouraging show.

PORTFOLIO REVIEW: SBI Life Insurance primarily has a large-cap defined equity portfolio with just about 4-5% mid-cap stock holding. Top holdings of the portfolio include Infosys, Reliance Industries , ICICI Bank and L&T. Similar to most other funds, SBI Life has a higher exposure to the financial services and oil and gas sectors. The healthcare sector, a more defensive one, forms a small part of the portfolio due to a complex business model, according to the fund manager . The portfolios have very significant exposure in metal stocks, which are currently underperforming.

DEATH / MATURITY BENEFIT: On maturity, the policyholder gets the amount accumulated in the fund. In the case of demise, the nominee of the policyholder receives higher of the sum assured or the fund value or both, subject to a minimum of 105% of the basic total premium paid towards the policy over the period.

For instance, say a 35-year healthy male invests Rs 2,00,000 per annum in the equity fund for 10 years. Assuming that the sum assured is 20 times the annual premium, the total sum assured receivable, in case of any eventuality, would be Rs 40 lakh. By the end of 20 years, assuming the rate of return of 6% and 10%, the fund value shall be Rs 36,65,524 and Rs 67,76,640 respectively.

OUR VIEW: Smart Elite is one of the most competent products in terms of its cost structure. It provides flexibility to investors.

Among its six funds, Balanced and Bond funds have shown a remarkable performance. But high net worth individuals generally have a high risk appetite. Since the returns from the equity-oriented funds in Smart Elite are not as good, prospective investors will be better-off by investing in other products of SBI Life.

Source: [Economic Times]

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By Wade Robins

Does the idea of living in an Alaska modular home strike you as just this side of insane? Are you picturing gale force winds, nights which last for months, and sheets of ice weighing down your modular roof to its breaking point?

If so, you can relax. You may not have known that in the oil company British Petroleum, which built the Alaska pipeline during the 1970s, uses modular housing to house its construction employees on Alaska’s North Slope. The terrain and weather conditions on Alaska’s North Slope are among the harshest on Earth, with permafrost which never thaws. The average temperature on the North Slope is 9.7 degrees, and where the wind never stops blowing and fifty-mile an hour gusts, producing wind chills of fifty below, are monthly occurrences.

If an Alaska modular home can handle the North Coast, they can handle almost any other part of Alaska as long as it does not thaw in the spring and float out to sea. An Alaska modular home, in fact, may be the only option for parts of the state to remote to be accessible for construction crew and the delivery of traditional home building materials.

It’s Not A Mobile Home


Many people have lumped modular homes into the same category as mobile homes, and they could not be more different. Your Alaska modular home will be constructed on a permanent foundation and cannot be moved.

When completed their appearance is identical to that of traditionally constructed homes, but the number of people for their construction is much smaller, and they can be completed in much less time than traditional homes. Its simplified construction means that an Alaska modular home will cost considerably less than an equivalent traditional home.

Energy Efficiency

One of your major concerns, if you are considering an Alaska modular home, will be its energy efficiency. Because modular homes are built in blocks which are designed to fit together precisely, they are almost completely draft proof. But an Alaska modular home can be ordered with additional insulation, and even manufactured to meet Energy Star standards. In addition, your Alaska modular homes will be constructed to meet the building codes in the municipalities where it is built.

One factor you’ll have to work into your Alaska modular home plans is the delivery cost you’ll have to pay. Depending on which part of Alaska you want to call home, your Alaska modular home may have to come a long way, and the shipping charges can add a significant percentage to its cost. For more info see on Modular Home Builder.

Alaska has the scenery, the clear clean air, and the peace and quiet that can make you wonder why you ever wanted to live anywhere else. And your Alaska modular home, against a setting like that, can guarantee that you won’t!

About the Author: You can also find more info on Colorado Manufactured Home and Financing Modular Home.


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How to Choose Well When Gifting a Charter Bus in Washington DC for Prom


Limo Service DC The reasonably priced travel accommodations offered by the booking of a charter bus in Washington, DC make it an ideal choice for civic and social organizations seeking to provide prom transportation for students in the area. In order to create a convenient and fun ride worthy of the students, take a moment and ensure that the business with which you book meets requisite standards for safe and quality rides.Safe and Reliable VehiclesObviously, when gifting teens with an appropriate ride to prom, the primary concern is safety. These concerns are critical, especially on prom night when some students make poor decisions and allow feelings of immortality to overwhelm good sense. We hold a fleet that is full of comprehensively insured, bonded, and licensed machines that meet our rigorous standards. You’ll find that the mechanical functioning and aesthetic properties of our fleet are remarkable and undoubtedly high quality. Make sure that the company chosen for a Charter Bus Rental DC meets similar standards of quality and reliability. The Customer Support Provided Must Be Flexible and AccommodatingOffering a service makes customer service essential. Since your transport service will be outside of office hours, we make sure that we are accessible 24/7. You will be able to make fast and simple modifications, complaints, and feedback. With Gaithersburg Limo Service, make sure that prom travel is a worthy gift to the students in your neighborhood who need a ride to the event.The Chauffeurs Must Be Tested and ProvenAnother key element of safety is drivers. To ensure that your driver is safe, we require instructions and testing to ensure qualifications as well as mandated drug testing and background checks. Transportation with us will ensure that students ride in capable hands by professionals who know the roads and are accustomed to driving with distractions and according to schedule.Straightforward AccessAccess in the modern age should be simple. We offer a networked, straightforward process whereby customers can book online. Additionally, limited notice is no problem, and we demand few loopholes. Businesses that demand a huge, sustained booking process should be eliminated because their processes aren’t modernized. Prom transportation is a perfect gift for the community. It will keep students safe while offering them an avenue to participate in an occasion that has high expectations. Once you decide to make the project a reality, turn to us to facilitate the process easily, affordably, and quickly.

Courteous, Professional Behavior

Rely on us to behave in a manner that is courteous and professional. Our drivers clear screenings related to drug use and criminal backgrounds because we care about your safety and comfort level. Additionally, should obstacles to your honeymoon come up, our around the clock customer service team is always ready to assist. Your honeymoon won’t suffer due to unavailability of customer support staff; office hours don’t hold us back.

Your honeymoon trip should consist of joy and romance, not stress and frustration. By securing professional travel arrangements, you’ll enjoy prompt transport that is detailed and personalized. Maximize every moment by concentrating on each other instead of traffic, parking, and navigation concerns.


There are some key aspects that the founders of DC Limousine Service wanted to focus on: safety, reliability, and comfort. They’ve achieved that with all of their vehicles, and more, having been successful for more than 20 years. They offer immediate billing, can handle short notice reservations, and have one of the largest fleets of limos and buses from which to choose, making them one of the best in the region.

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By Mario Churchill

Books and websites are full of free-for-the-taking tips and tricks for a kinder, gentler job search. There are free samples of virtually every kind of cover letter you can imagine – from teaching to taxidermy. Customer service, a wide and varied industry, is no exception to the rule. Advice on searching for a job in this field is every bit as diverse as the field itself. Just because the advice is free does not mean you should take it. A pre-formatted template cover letter will not provide the kind of information a hiring manager is seeking. When looking for a competent customer service professional hiring managers have a strong sense of what a business needs and are looking for a candidate to satisfy those needs. Your cover letter should convince the hiring manager that you are suited for and capable of the job.

All cover letters are on a mission – a mission to spark the reader’s desire to learn more about the applicant. The cover letter is the first thing a potential employer sees and hears about you. It should be a head-turner. Keeping the reader’s attention is necessary if you want them to make it as far as your resume. A good cover letter is just a hint of what is coming. Touch on achievements and experience without providing too much information. Indicate that more details are available in your resume, pressing the reader on to examine the finer points of your work history.

A bold headline that says something interesting about your customer service skills is a top-notch attention-grabber. Headlines like ‘CUSTOMERS ASK FOR ME BY NAME’ or ‘5 GOOD REASONS WHY I SHOULD WORK FOR YOU’ stand out from the boring, impersonal letters that hiring managers are accustomed to reading. If you want your cover letter to stand-up and get noticed right off the bat, cite specific examples to support that eye-catching headline. Let your personal customer service experiences speak for themselves.


Let the hiring manager know that you mean business. Use the first paragraph to establish how you heard about the opening and what you know about the company. Doing a little research on the company’s history and purpose builds credibility. Taking the time to learn about the challenges the company faces and the company’s goals for the future indicates a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Customer service professionals must go out of their way on a regular basis. Proving beforehand, that you are willing to go the extra mile of your own volition, speaks volumes about your work ethic to a potential employer.

Written and verbal communication skills are an important part of any customer service position. Being able to understand the needs of the client or customer should be portrayed in your cover letter. Anticipating what the customer will want takes customer service to a whole new level. Use the content and construction of your cover letter to expound upon your ability to communicate effectively and thoroughly. Read the letter out loud to check for readability and comfortable flow. Consider letting a co-worker read over your letter. A different point of view may be the thing your customer service cover letter needs to be complete.

In the end, the customer service cover letter is an indispensable medium of expression. Allow the hiring manager to get to know a little about you as a person while they consider your prior experience and qualifications. Avoid just copying a sample of a free cover letter as a means to an end. Anything that easy cannot possibly hold up to the scrutiny of a manager that is looking for a first-class customer service professional. Spend the additional time to craft your own original thoughts and ideas about customer service into an appealing format. Make the reader believe that you are the one for the position with a combination of certifiable facts and passionate interest in providing quality service that keeps the customer and the company happy. Let your enthusiasm liven up what could be another submission bound for the not-interested pile of boring, run-of-the-mill applications. When the phone rings and the hiring manager asks you to come in for that interview you will be glad that you did.

About the Author: Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on free sample cover letter customer service.


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By D Fraser

Losing stomach fat is more then just cutting calories and particular foods from our diets. What we have to understand is that how to lose belly fat is more about a lifestyle change then just a quick fix. The easiest way to overcome the diet urges is to start to learn how our bodies handle calories, fat, exercise and why we are overweight. Only then can we fully grasp why some things work and others don’t. For instance, did you know that by cutting the number of calories you eat each day you can actually cause your body to hold onto fat? Because our bodies feel like they’re being starved, they quickly go into survival mode, there by holding onto fat.

Diets aren’t everything

I know a lot of you that may have gone on diets before might dis-agree with me, but it’s not all about the diet when you’re attempting to lose weight. Diets in fact can contribute to the horrid yo-yo effect that so many dieters find themselves in.

Not enough people exercise while dieting to keep up their muscle mass. What does this do? Well when you lose weight while dieting you don’t only lose fat, but you also lose muscle. Obviously this has adverse effects to our bodies, so when we go back off the diet we gain weight back on, but we don’t gain muscle. This is a big problem for most dieters. This is why it’s important to maintain exercise and a consistent muscle mass, rather then allowing it to disappear.


Maintain Muscles while Losing Belly Fat

While you’re dieting, or on any form of weight loss plan it’s key that you exercise along with it. Walking is good, jogging is even better, but be sure to get into some activities that also help build and keep muscle. Below we’ll explore some of these such activities you can do at home without having to get a gym membership or any expensive equipment.

Use the KISS principle for Exercising

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to keep your muscle mass. Activities like yoga and pilates give your body a good over all workout, and help build strength. We’re not talking about bulking up, but you should maintain a consistent work out schedule. Getting an at home pilates dvd or aerobic video you can do a few times a week is a good idea, couple that with walking or a jog every few days and you should be fine.

Weight Loss doesn’t happen over night

A lot of us feel pumped up about starting a new diet, usually because of the expectations we have that DIET A will bring us to point B which is small and skinny. How ever what it doesn’t tell you about how to lose belly fat is that there’s a good chance you could gain the weight back. Without a long term plan, and understanding of how our body works, and what it means to lose weight naturally we could be doomed to yo-yo forever.

Take a step in the right direction today, and learn what you can do to eat better, and properly. Create your own exercise routine you follow each day, and discover that you can feel better without fad diets, or gym memberships it just takes some commitment on your part.

About the Author: If you’re interested in learning more about natural ways to lose weight, and exercise programs that can be done from home or the gym visit our website

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New York, NY, Sep 2012 – AsianInNY, New York s premier online destination for multicultural networking and entertainment, is hosting its annual Moon Festival celebration on September 22, 2012 from 6:30-9:30pm at the Chinese Community Center on 62 Mott Street, Chinatown.

The Moon Festival is an important and joyous occasion in Asian culture that s celebrated with music, food, and good company. As such, guests at the event will enjoy an exciting line-up of fashion, comedy, music, dance and amazing food including moon cakes , the indispensable delicacy and must-have offerings between friends and family gatherings while celebrating the festival.

The event will be MC ed by comedian, Brian Jian, who performs regularly at venues such as Governors Comedy Club, The Laugh Lounge, Stand Up NY, and Comic Strip Live. J4 will lend his turntable skills as DJ for the evening. The talented recording artist has released four rap albums with The Rock Music Production Company in Taiwan.

Just in time for the New York Fashion Week, outstanding Asian designers will be presenting their new collections in runway fashion shows. This year, the spotlight will fall on Angela Gao s eponymous women s collection, ANGG New York, and Gilbert Chen s menswear line, BARQUE. Kallisti Designs and Shan Shui Gallery will provide jewelry. Asian models will also sport handbags by ModaR vis and hair and makeup design by Haruo Noro Salon, with makeup lead by Wenya Chang and?styling by Haruo Noro.

Featured performers will include the following talents:


The New York Crimson Kings Drum, Fife, & Bugle Corps: Established in the 1950s, the Crimson Kings is the oldest and most honored Asian-American drum corps in the east coast. They are dedicated to youth development through music and performing arts education.

The New York Chinese Cultural Center Traditional Dance: Founded in 1974, NYCCC is dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture in global and local communities.

Eric G. Singer: Eric is Philippine-American singer, songwriter, and producer. The Young Gifted Entertainment Awards Committee nominated his debut gospel album MOVE as Best R&B/Gospel Album of the Year in 2010 and he was?named “Top 10 Independent Artists of 2010” by Tate Music Group. Eric has appeared on shows such as “Open” and “The Rhythms of NY and was recognized as an “Artist on the Rise by Kapuso Abroad Magazine.

Triangle Offense Band: Specializing in electrohop music, the Filipino-American trio of Sci, Bry, and Pwol has performed at Irving Plaza, Club Amnesia, Public Assembly, and the Mets Stadium. Their clever lyrics carry themes of life, love, and celebration.

Setsuko Singer: Setsuko is a Japanese pop singer and songwriter who also has a passion for R&B, jazz, musical theater, and classical music.

Austin & Izzy Singer: Born and raised in Dubai UAE, Izzy s many accolades include Kollaboration New York 2012 finalist, Virgin Radio Dubai Talented Teens Competition finalist, and “Showtime Dubai semi-finalist. Austin is a Chinese-American young talented singer-songwriter who was a featured performer at the?2010 Haiti Benefit Concert,?2011 DECA fashion show, and?2010 and 2011 Bethel Relay for Life.

Ayano & Rie Belly Dance: Ayano and Rie, the Japanese Duo has been performing belly dance throughout New York City. The beautiful duo is known for their passionate, dynamic and artistic movements.

Sponsors of AsianInNY s Lunar New Year Celebration and fashion shows include Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, China Lion Entertainment, Haruo Noro Salon, IZZE, JOA Production, Kallisti Fashion, Well Luck Co., Mika Japanese Cuisine and Bar, McDonald’s, New York Mets, ModaR vis , Nom Wah Tea Parlor, NTDTV, Shan Shui Gallery, Taiwan Tourism, Uminoie, VIVALOE, and


$10 online pre-event purchase* before Sep 15 midnight

$15 online pre-event purchase* before Sep 21 midnight

$20 at the doo

*The first 100 people who pre-purchase tickets will receive free gifts. The first 50 people who arrive at the event will receive free raffle tickets.

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