Mortgage: Now Or Never?

By Barry Dawn

With the recent mortgage scare and the aftershocks still reverberating here and there, people are wary of considering financing to get out of their credit card debts or saving their homes from foreclosure. But the prognosis is good as the economy is taking an upbeat trend; still the decision is yours.

The Prospects for the Pros

It is never easy to deal with a mountain of credit card debts; while you pay off one pay-later purchase on one credit card, the interest rates on purchases you used with your other credit cards grow steadily without let-up. Either you sell your house to pay off your debts and live in a cave or get a mortgage to pay off your debts and hold on to your home.

Considering a loan may not be attractive at this point; but then what other options do you have if there is no other way to stem the tide of increasing credit card interest rates? If you opt to pay off your debts in one go to avoid compounding interests and add-on fees that require a big amount of money to pay off, which you know you do not have, a mortgage provides a practical solution to this vexing problem.

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Interest rates have declined recently. A 6 per cent interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage sounds very good, right? It has gone even lower but of course this will swing a little bit higher. Compared to the pre-bust period in the industry, the offer is way much better – think 7 or 11 percent interest rates that people latched on to last time. At the going rate, taking out a loan for the purpose is practical.

The Cons of a Loan

Not every one though is a good candidate for a mortgage. Lenders short of looking through the spyglass have clever ways to check you out and the less impressive your credit rating, the higher the interest rates are charged to your mortgage. Seems you are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea but before you faint away, here’s a lifeline – you can shop around for lenders offering the lowest rates for borrowers with poor credit rating.

If you can wait repair your credit score before taking out a mortgage. Interest rates have fallen but then mortgage companies are strict with their requirements. There are lenders though who place a premium on paychecks but after they know what remains of your monthly income. If you can still survive comfortably with the leftovers of your paycheck, including the monthly mortgage bills, the lender will approve your application.

You have been presented with two options if you have a spotty credit rating. You go for the higher interest rates or you repair your credit score. But as things go with people who are desperate to get out of the credit card mess they are ready for anything. Take this advice – if you need $20,000 for your credit card debts, get a $20,000 loan and just that. It won’t take ages to pay this off and you’ll be debt-free in five or ten years.

Living with a mortgage is never easy. Whether it is a low-interest or high-interest fixed rate loan, you have to live frugally on less. So now, is it now or never?

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