The Good And The Bad Of Manufactured Houses 5 Myths

By Stewart Wrighter

If someone advised you to go for modular housing instead of regular construction, what would be your reaction? Would you be all for prefabricated homes or would you be convinced that this is not a very sound suggestion? There are many myths that are associated with the building of manufactured houses; and this is what clouds people’s capacity to take a pro-manufactured houses decision.

1. The manufactured homes are built at supersonic speed – it is true that these manufactured units are built faster than your regular home. This is because these units are built indoors, in factories with controlled climate conditions. This means that the outside weather never affects the pace of the work, which often cuts the building time by almost half. Normally, a manufactured unit would take about 6-8 months from start to the day you could shift inside the house. This is fast – but it definitely not something at supersonic speed.

2. Factory built homes enjoy highest quality – yes, it is true that the materials used in manufacturing homes and the ones used to build a regular house are hugely different. The quality of the former is better because it is inspected at every stage of its making. However, this does not mean that stick-built house when built right is any less qualitative. The only difference is that it is highly unlikely to find that a manufactured home is not well made.

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3. One can do exactly what you want – this is one of the greatest advantages with the manufactured units. You can just mold it into anything you wanted; your home could be anything you have dreamed about for a long time. The flexibility in design is there but you still need architectural designs and approval from respective authorities.

4. Energy efficient home – when you construct your house panel by panel you would be able to ensure that it complies with all the rules and regulations that pertain to building homes. While doing so, you could particularly pay attention and close the gaps that could imbalance your energy efficiency around your home. This means that you need to pay attention to the design and make adequate efforts to build your home; it just does not come inbuilt.

5. Cost efficiency – it is true that the manufactured homes are definitely cheaper than the regularly built ones. However, the manufactured homes are not exactly cheap. The cost of such house would come down by certain percentage, but it by no means cheap.

6. You can make as many changes as you please – for many the main attraction for choosing manufactured homes to the regular ones is because you can change anything and everything as per your whim and fancy. However, it is not so. No matter what type of house you choose, it is expensive to finish and not-so-easy to modify once erected.

7. Easy to move – it is true that the modular construction could be packed and shifted with relative ease. While it is true that moving a modular home is possible while the other type is not, it is not true that it could easily shifted to a new location. Packing, unpacking and reinstallation take a lot of time.

About the Author: Stewart Wrighter has noticed an increase of

modular housing

springing up because of their low cost. He and his wife were very impressed with

prefabricated homes

and are considering one for a vacation home.


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