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The garage door is the second front door to your home. The garage door is also a source of beauty as it gives the home some kind of appeal depending on its appearance. Without a good garage door, you are not and you cannot feel safe. Your property is also at risk of being stolen if you do not have a good garage door installed. Today, due to changes in technology, even the garage door systems are quite enhanced, and a Garage Door Opener in Saint Charles MO is motorized. This is what will determine how secure you are. You will also have control over who has access to your garage as the garage door is remote controlled. The information in this article will help you when you need a garage door opener installed in your garage door.

Installation costs


The first consideration whenever you are making a purchase or hiring any kind of services is assessing the installation costs. The economic times have changed, and everybody is keen on saving some money out of every deal. Look at the options available to you and go for the one that you feel fits your budget. You can also save money in advance to ensure that you do not settle on a deal that you do not love just because you do not have enough money.

Professionalism of the technicians

Never compromise on the quality of service you get neither the quality of the product that you purchase. Remember that you better pay a higher price, but get quality services. Ensure that the company that you contract for the installation of a Garage Door Opener in Saint Charles MO has qualified personnel who will only offer professional services.

A clear contractual agreement

In every contract for hire of services, it is important that it read very clear. It should indicate the full amount charged, the duration to be taken, as well as the responsibilities of each party to the contract. This will ensure that you avoid any future conflicts when one party does not do his part.

For all services pertaining to the installation and repair of garage doors and garage door parts, Contact The Birdsong Company for professional services that you will love. For more info on garage door opener installations, visit the site.

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By Gabriel Adams

Alcohol and Drug addiction has a devastating effect not only on the individual addict but on the entire family as well. It has been proven time and again that successfully overcoming addiction to alcohol and drugs requires the collaborative effort of the whole family and all those who are directly affected.

Residential rehab programs offer addicts various programs that are especially designed to alleviate the pain of withdrawal symptoms and to provide constructive outlets for their various addictive urges. One of the biggest set backs to long term relapse prevention is the temptation to resort to old habits once the recovered addict leaves the structured environment of the rehab program and re-enters his old surroundings. Family and spousal support is paramount during this phase of relapse prevention. In the absence of a solid support system, the former addict will most likely slip back into addiction.

Addiction is a Family Ailment

Alcoholism is considered as a family disease in medical circles and in the community as large. The families of alcohol addicts are directly affected by the alcoholism either due to abuse, neglect or sheer embarrassment of the alcoholic’s behavior. They are constantly trying to gauge the alcoholic’s mood and try their best to alter their behaviors in an effort to control the amount of alcohol that the addict may imbibe.

If a family party acts as an incentive to encourage drinking, they would rather forego the party and cancel all plans rather than run the risk of initiating another alcoholic binge. While many wives try their best to be supportive and non-critical of their partner’s addiction, even a supposed slight is enough for the addict to relapse into alcoholism.

Role of Family in Relapse Prevention


Living with a recovering alcohol addict is tough on their families who constantly feel like they are walking on eggshells. They have to measure everything they do, think about where they go and censor what they eat at family meal times.

Studies show there are 17 common triggers that can compromise an alcohol addict’s journey to recovery. Observing these few rules will help pre-empt these triggers and increase the odds of the addict staying clean for a longer time:

If the occasion calls for alcohol to be served, inform the recovering alcoholic in advance of the various non-alcoholic beverages that he can choose from.

Avoid serving any dishes that contain alcohol.

Steer clear of pubs and former favorite hanging-out venues.

Do not keep any alcohol or alcoholic products within easy reach; preferably do not keep any in the house at all.

Do not be obsessive or continuously nag your spouse about the use of alcohol.

Be supportive of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and make sure your spouse attends all the meetings.

Make it a point to keep all doctor’s appointments and do not give up on the therapy, no matter how frustrating and tiring it may be.

Try and keep to your former routines as much as possible, they provide the recovering addict with much-needed stability.

Do not harbor resentment or ill feelings for damage done or hurt caused during the addictive phase. Letting it go and learning to forgive and forget hastens the healing process.

Recovering from addiction is a complex process. Expect set-backs along the way and try not to hold it against the person who is also facing an uphill battle in his struggle against addiction.

Make sure that one addiction is not replaced by another.

Watch for changes in behavioral patterns. Signs of unexplained depression, anger or anxiety could be silent signals that the recovering addict may relapse into addiction.

Do not let the recovering addict stop medications without the doctor’s advice.

Remember that addiction is nobody’s fault. It is an ailment much like other medical conditions and the addict should not be blamed or personally faulted. Unnecessary blame and criticism can only provoke the victim into relapse and does nothing to help recovery.

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Tips to Cut Down on Your Carpentry Cost


MarkTrescothicCarpentry completes and complements the overall building structure by adding style, diversity and longevity to it. And there is no way you, or anyone for that matter, can build your dream home without some carpentry work sprinkled around: be it building doors and windows, framing walls and partitions, putting in stairs and hardwood floors or fitting a new kitchen cabinet for your sweet home to look sweeter and stylish. Even to others!The truth is there are no free lunches in the world. The better the woodwork you want, the lighter it will make your wallet. After all buying the high quality material or hiring some of the best local carpenters comes at a cost. But is there really no in-between where we can be economical without compromising on quality? Of course there is. Here is a list of few common scenarios where you using our tips can save some pounds without suffering too much on the quality front.Scenario 1: Installing new doors and windows:Not every installation cost the same. The price varies with size, type of materials used and above all the type of finish. You can do nothing about the dimension and we don’t recommend opting for cheap and inferior materials, the best way to reduce unnecessary cost is in picking a smart type of finish. A painted finish costs more than natural wood. In the same way, getting a joinery shop tailor-make your doors and windows will prove to be more expensive than ordering a standard, ready-made stuff. Another way to be economical is to use pre-primed, pressed doors and then you can give them a color you wish. This way you get excellent finish without wasting too much efforts or pounds.Veneered doors or windows work best if you want a hardwood and polished finish. Not only these are cheaper but also more resistant to warping than what solid doors and windows can ever be. Hiring a competent and reliable carpenter will open you to few more such ideas than ones listed here.Scenario 2: Laying wooden floors:Not all woods are created equal. Some are costlier than others. For example, a walnut finish will set you back by a lot more than oak would. One of the best value-for-money options is engineered wood. Although it won’t be significantly cheaper, the labour cost will be less. Provided that the floor is pre-finished, you can skip on process of sanding and sealing saving even more on labour cost. Engineered floors happen to be more stable, with less distortion and movement in comparison to original wood floors. What’s more, you can even re-sand and re-seal them. For more options, you can always resort to suggestions of the qualified carpenter you have hired.Scenario 3: Fitting a new kitchen: If your heart is not set on attractive-but-expensive stone worktops, I suggest you consider other alternatives. Whatever worktop you go for, don’t tinker with the layout of kitchen. Be warned, changing the layout or moving stuff around will lead to the need of rewiring or fresh plumbing set-up which will lighten your wallet further.

Mark Trescothic is an editor in Content & Communication. He has given his key contribution in construction related topics. He spent years in writing content for construction firms and tradesmen. Looking for

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By Martin Webbster

Buying a horse property in the Colorado Spring area is one investment that will pay off greatly for you. The location is most suitable for horse rearing and has seen a lot of real estate interest of late. With a single purchase of land or development one into a ranch or a preexisting horse property, you will have the added benefit of rapid appreciation in price and value.

Investors are interested in the Colorado Springs area for many reasons. Principal amongst these are the topography and climate of the area. The hot climate makes it ideal for outdoor and open system horse rearing. You can let the horses out into the open without much worries about fair weather. Again, the land is quite watered as many springs and creeks abound there. Even when you do not dig a well to feed your livestock you can easily irrigate your place. The weather is generally warm in this part of country an asset for both ranch development and general horse breeding activities.

If you are interested in hunting, the vegetative features of this area will amaze you. There are lots of trees within which hunters can go on long expeditions. Fishing enthusiasts will also find the deep flowing rivers a pleasure for their sport.


Most of the areas in the Springs region have been zoned for horse rearing. You would therefore need a special permit to be able to rear your stock. You would only bring them in and start raising them. These types of properties also have well permits so that you can dig wells in your compound to water your stock or feed your animals.

Due to the keen interest of investors in setting up ranches and cottages and cabin houses in the Springs area, a lot of professional builders have moved to the area. Be it a well or cabin or fence, you always the experts waiting for you. They can present the investor with predesigned plan or build according to the preferences of the owner.

If you have enough land, you can also add equestrian facilities to the property. This sport has become a favorite past time for many and it keep growing. You can therefore have two main yards with fences you keep the equestrian equipment on one side and the ranch on another. You can offer both to different vacationers. If your visitors like horse riding sports, they can cross over to the other facility and enjoy their sports. Previously many owners were keeping their horses on other people’s managed properties but that is changing now. With a little greening of the environment and few structures, you can provide full equestrian facilities for your vacationer and give more value to your property.

If you are going to add equestrian facilities, there are some important things you will have to take note of. You will have to get enough acreage to be able to provide a fully functional equestrian facility. This sport requires large attracts of land and you must therefore be in the position to obtain such. Unlike cattle, horses require more quality and voluminous amount of pasture. You must provide better pasture. Again your fencing will have to be very strong. Many visitors will like to drive to the grounds. You must have excellent road access for them. The road must be motorable at all times of the year. You will have to make special provision for the rainy days when the ground will become muddy.

A horse property is one investment that promises lots of money for the owner. Te horses can be put to several uses. You can make equestrian facilities out of them or simply offer riding lessons. In each way, you can be able to get your visitors the leisure and pleasure that they have come to rural America to look for.

About the Author: Martin Webbster is a writer for Horse Clicks – horse property classifieds of

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Why CMOs May Be Considered For Private Trading Programs



Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) sometimes referred to as Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs), are one of few innovative investment methods available in today’s investment world. CMOs offer relative safety, regular payments and notable yield advantages over other better known fixed-income securities of comparable credit quality.


A wide variety of CMO securities with different cash flow and expected maturity characteristics have been designed to meet specific investment objectives. While CMOs offer advantages to investors, they also carry certain risks which will be further explained in this document. To determine if CMOs fit within your investment portfolio, you should first understand the distinctive features of these securities. CMOs were first introduced in 1983. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 allowed CMOs to be issues in the form of REMICs, creating certain tax and accounting advantages for issuers and for certain large institutional and foreign investors. Today, almost all CMOs are issued in REMIC form. Remember that throughout this CMO explanation, REMICs and CMOs are interchangeable. THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF CMOS Mortgage Loans and Mortgage Pass-Throughs. When a CMO is created, it begins with a mortgage loan extended by a financial institution (such as a savings and loan, commercial bank or mortgage company) to finance a borrower’s home or other real estate. The homeowner usually pays the mortgage loan in monthly installments composed of both interest and “principal”. Over the duration of the mortgage loan, the interest component of payments in the early years gradually declines as the principal component increases. To obtain funds to generate more loans, lenders either “pool” groups of loans with similar characteristics to create securities or sell the loans to issuers of mortgage securities. The securities most commonly created from pools of mortgage loans are “mortgage pass-through securities” (MBS) or “participation certificates” (PCs). MBS represent a direct ownership interest in a pool of mortgage loans. As the homeowners whose loans are in the pool make their mortgage loan payments, the money is distributed on a pro rata basis to the holders of the securities. Several factors can affect the homeowners’ payments. Typically, the homeowner will “prepay” the mortgage loan by selling the property, refinancing the mortgage or otherwise paying off the loan in part or whole. Most mortgage pass-through securities are based on fixed-rate mortgage loans with an original maturity of 30 years, but experience shows that most of these mortgage loans will be paid off much earlier. While the creation of MBS greatly increased the secondary market for mortgage loans by pooling them and selling interests in the pool, the structure of such securities has inherent limitations. MBSs only appeal to investors with a certain investment horizon – on average, 10-12 years. CMOs were developed to offer investors a wider range of investment time frames and greater cash-flow certainty than had previously been available with MBS. The CMO issuer assembles a package of these MBS and uses them as collateral for a multiclass security offering. The different classes of securities in a CMO offering are known as tranches, from the French word for slice. The CMO structure enables the issuer to direct the principal and interest cash flow generated by the collateral to the different tranches in a prescribed manner, as defined in the offering’s prospectus, to meet different investment objectives. THE HIGH CREDIT QUALITY OF CMOS The Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA, or Ginnie Mae) an agency of the U.S. government, along with U.S. government-sponsored enterprises (GSE) such as the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA, or Fannie Mae) or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC, or Freddie Mac), guarantee most MBSs. Ginnie Mae is a government-owned corporation within the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have federal charters and are subject to some oversight by the federal government, but are publicly owned by stockholders. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issue and guarantee pass-through securities. Ginnie Mae only adds its guarantee to privately issued pass-throughs backed by government issued (FHA and VA) mortgages. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have issues CMOs for quite some time; the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began to issue CMOs in 1992, and Ginnie Mae initiates its own CMO program which began in 1994. Securities guaranteed or guaranteed and issues by these entities are known generically as “agency” mortgage securities. The agency guarantees enhance their credit quality for investors. In addition, the mortgages backing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage securities must meet strict quality criteria. Those backing GNMA pass-throughs are underwritten in accordance with the rules and regulations of the FHA and the VA, which insure them against default. The extent of the agency guarantee depends on the entity making it. Ginnie Mae, for example, guarantees the timely payment of principal and interest on all of its mortgage securities, and its guarantee is backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government. Holders of Ginnie Mae mortgage securities are therefore assured of receiving payments promptly each month, regardless of whether the underlying homeowners make their payments. They are guaranteed to receive the full return of face-value principal even if the underlying borrowers default on their loans. Mortgage securities issued by the VA carry the same full faith and credit U.S. government guarantees. Fannie Mae guarantees timely payment of both principal and interest on its mortgage securities whether or not the payments have been collected from the borrowers. Freddie Mac also guarantees timely payment of both principal and interest on its Gold PCs and CMOs. Some older series of Freddie Mac PCs guarantee timely payment of interest, but only the eventual payment of principal. Although neither Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac securities carry the additional full faith and credit U.S. government guarantee, the credit markets consider the credit on these securities to be equivalent to that of securities rated triple-A or better. Some private institutions, such as subsidiaries of investment bank, financial institutions and home-builders, also issue mortgage securities. When issuing CMOs, they often use agency mortgage pass-through securities as collateral; however, their collateral may include different or specialized types of mortgage loans and/or pools, letters of credit and other types of credit enhancements. These private-labeled CMOs are the sole obligation of their issuer. To the extent that private-label CMOs use agency mortgage pass-through securities as collateral, their agency collateral carries the respective agency’s guarantees. Private-label CMOs are assigned credit ratings by independent credit agencies based on their structure, issuer, collateral and any guarantees or outside factors. Many carry the highest AAA credit rating. As an additional investor protection, the CMO issuer typically segregates the CMO collateral or deposits it in the care of the trustee, who holds it for the exclusive benefit of the CMO bondholders. For the above reasons described, CMOs are considered by a select few platforms to be an asset that is easy to validate and prove ownership. In addition, the trading platform is able to be added as the CMOs Beneficiary allowing for the appropriate financing lines to be obtained. The result is a CMO asset that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar with nominal returns and subsequently placed and traded successfully in a Private Trading Program with yields the owner once only dreamed of. is an educational site dedicated to providing investors proven, high yield Private Trading Investments in a global recession market. Please visit

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Submitted by: Rajeev Kapoor

Living in a developed city like Lucknow can be enjoyable and exciting. This is because the City of Nawabs has so much to offer in terms of top class infrastructure, healthcare centres, educational institutes, shopping malls, multiplexes, employment opportunities, and not to forget, the glorious history, arts, music and cuisine, which keeps on attracting people to this magnificent city. Owning a house in Lucknow in a nice locality would be everyones desire but it may not be that easy to find the home of your choice. Apartment can be a good option, considering the fact that top real estate builders are developing flats in Lucknow, especially in upcoming localities, coupled with superior architecture, modern amenities, hi-tech security features, and more. However, before you embark on your journey to buy residential property in Lucknow, there are certain parameters you should keep in mind to make an informed decision.

Property Condition

This is an important consideration you need to make when you are looking for flats in Lucknow for sale. Before signing any agreement, request for a complete property check. You will be able to notice preexisting damages or faults and this would be helpful not only in averting future problems but also assuring you get the best value from the deal. The condition of cooling and heating systems, sewage system, pipes, faucets, sinks, paint, electrical boards and circuits should be in good condition. The overall look of the apartment or flat would portray its possible problems and its age.

Property Location

It would be better to select a property which is located close to your workplace or your childs school. You also need to think about the safety of the locality where you intend to buy your property. Checking the crime rate of the area with the local police station would be a good idea to get firsthand information about the locality. Checking the transportation facilities around the property would enable you to assess your commuting time. Is the property situated close to important establishments and facilities and does it exhibit a sense of security and safety? All these factors must be kept in mind before you make your decision to buy apartment in Lucknow.

Property Amenities & Facilities

When you are looking for apartments in Lucknow for sale, you should check whether they include amenities, which could make your life comfortable and enjoyable. Today, top real estate companies in Lucknow are incorporating swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, banquet hall, themed garden, kids play arena and hi-tech security features in their housing projects. When selecting a property, consider how essential these facilities are in your life. Make your selection based on your individual liking and preferences.

Financial Capabilities

Usually, residential properties in Lucknow will be expensive due to increasing population and constant migration of people from neighboring cities to Lucknow, which is actually accelerating the demand of 4 & 3 BHK flats in Lucknow. Before you begin your search for property in Lucknow City, calculate your financial budget and include all the expenses a flat or apartment would come with. Knowing your budget before purchasing the property would enable you to crack the most favorable deal. The secret would be to live a comfortable and enjoyable life with your family in your dream home that should be within your means.

About the Author: Rajeev is sales and marketing consultant at Azea Botanica, an upcoming real estate project in Lucknow being developed by Azeagaia Development Pvt. Ltd., promoted by Singapore-based companies through foreign direct investment. Azea Botanica offers 3 & 4BHK luxury flats in Vrindavan Yojna, coupled with superior architecture, lush green landscape, modern amenities, and more. To know more about Azea Botanica, please visit



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