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In many places you will be forced to park your vehicle on the public streets. In such circumstances you have to park your vehicle parallel to the curb or side of the road. For parallel parking your vehicle you have to take necessary practice. You can park your vehicle only on the right hand side of a two-way roadway. But however you can park your vehicle on both right and left sides of a one-way street. The steps you should follow to park your vehicle parallel to the curb safely on the right side is detailed below.

First you must select a suitable space for parking your vehicle. Give right turn signal and stop your vehicle parallel to the vehicle parked in the front of the space selected by you for parking your vehicle. Keep at least two to three feet from the side of the front vehicle and the back bumpers of your vehicle and the front vehicle must be even.

Back slowly your vehicle. When the front of your vehicle clears the front door of the front vehicle, turn your front wheels sharply to the right and continue backing towards the vehicle parked behind the space selected for your car. When the front of your vehicle clears the back bumper of the front car, turn your wheels sharply to the left and continue to back slowly to the car behind. Stop your car before touching the front of the car behind. Then turn the wheels straight and move your car forward and park it in the center of the space.

While backing up your car, do not rely on your inside rear-view mirror. Check traffic behind by turning your head and look back over your shoulder till you complete backing up.

You must park your vehicle in such a way that the curb side tires of your vehicle must be within 12 to 18 inches from the curb.

If you have parked your vehicle headed up-hill, keep the vehicle in low gear and turn the front wheels away from the curb.

If you have parked your vehicle headed down-hill, keep the vehicle in reverse gear and turn the front wheels toward the curb.

Do not keep a child, elderly person or pets inside a parked car on sunny days even if you park for a brief period. The temperature may increase rapidly and will affect the child etc. More over there may be a possibility of kidnapping of the child or elderly person for ransom.

Do not leave the parked car with its engine running. Turn-off the engine, remove the key, locks the doors and then leave the vehicle.

Do not park your vehicle on the traffic side of another parked car (Double parking). Your parked car should not be a hazard to other traffic moving in the roadway.

When parallel parking your vehicle on the left hand curb of a one-way street, you may observe the following procedure. Stop parallel to the vehicle in front of your parking space leaving about 2 to 3 feet space from the front vehicle. Then back slowly your vehicle. When the front of your vehicle clears the front door of the front vehicle, turn your front wheels sharply to the left and continue backing slowly towards the vehicle parked behind the space selected for your car. When the front of your car clears the back bumper of the front car, turn sharply your wheels to the right and continue to back your car toward the car behind. Stop your car before touching the front of the car behind. Then turn the wheels straight and move your car forward and park it in the center of the space.

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Although odometer repair in Arizona sounds like a technical procedure, it is fairly simple. Most car owners rush to a repair shop immediately if their odometer breaks down. It might be a faster remedy, especially for car owners without the necessary skill-set to do the repair. However, it is can be quite expensive, with costs often upwards of $500. With the facts on how to do a successful odometer repair, you should be able to complete the procedure within 2 hours.

What is the importance of repairing your odometer?

The basic function of an odometer is to clock the number of miles covered. The odometer is located within the speedometer that displays the speed of the vehicle. When repairing the odometer, take some precautions to prevent any damage to the speedometer. In most cases, the odometer will malfunction if its parts are completely worn out.

What are the tools needed for odometer repair?


To successfully repair an odometer, the tools you might need for the job include the following:

* A complete set of screwdrivers (should consist of a Philips and a flat-head screwdriver).

* Replacement planetary gear (should be specific to the make of your car).

Steps to be followed during an odometer repair

* To prevent any electrocution, start by disconnecting the negative cable.

* Pry the gasket on the speedometer from the dash to completely remove it using a flat-head screwdriver.

* Carefully remove the speedometer gauge without disconnecting the wires. Remove the screws on the back of the gauge to remove the casing. Pull out the post that operates the odometer very carefully.

* Remove the speedometer needle gently to avoid any damage. Next, remove the screws at the front part of the speedometer gauge. Soon after, gently pull out the motor casing.

* Before replacing the new planetary gear, carefully observe how the old one was installed and repeat the same procedure.

* Once you are done, replace all the parts one by one by reversing all the steps listed above. Test your new odometer to see if it is working as it should.

By doing the odometer repair personally, you can save lots of money. However, if you are not confident enough to do it, enlist the help of a professional odometer repair in Arizona. Make sure the repairman is well-trained to prevent further damages to your speedometer.

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Whether we like to admit it or not, there are always some drivers who neglect to put on their cars handbrake. This means that they park up and step out of the vehicle without restricting its ability to roll. Without safety measures, this means that one of these vehicles could start to move by itself, with the potential to cause serious injury. Of course, there is also the chance that a handbrake could be defective rendering it useless. We only have to look to the recent death of Anton Yelchin, who was crushed by his own car when the handbrake failed to engage properly. While many of us would be concerned about safety, if you own a property with a private car park, there is also the possibility of liability if such an incident occurs. For this reason, many property owners consider installing wheel stops.

Arent Concrete Kerbs Enough?

Many make the assumption that a concrete kerb would be sufficient to prevent property damage or injury in the event of a handbrake not being applied or failing. However, as some car park owners have found, a concrete kerb does not provide adequate protection. This means that not only is there a risk of physical damage to cars and property, but also the potential for legal damages. Fortunately, wheel stops can help to prevent this. A wheel stop can be installed to prevent this risk.


Australian Standards:

According to AS2890.1;20014, the Australian standard, when installing wheel stops, Perth car park owners need to comply with the specification for the physical dimensions mandated. The stop needs to average between 90 and 100 millimetres in height with an approximate width of 1650 millimetres. These dimensions can not only provide protection against property damage, but it can also help to prevent damage to the vehicle itself.

The Reasons to Install Wheel Stops:

If you are still unsure about installing wheel stops in designated spaces, you should be aware that these stops can control the kerb overhang that could be dangerous to pedestrians. With a stop in place, an allowance for pedestrians to walk by is created. Additionally, stops can inhibit vehicles from encroaching on the parking space opposite. This can prevent vehicles from banging into each other when parking and save space if your parking bays are limited.

Eliminating all potential for vehicle damage is not feasible, as accidents will happen. However, with the correct safety equipment, you can minimise the risk of accidents occurring on your property. This can not only reduce your liability, but it could help you to avoid the stress and frustration of dealing with an angry employee or customer who has suffered damage to their precious vehicle.

If you are considering installing wheel stops, Perth property owners should speak to us. We offer a range of durable wheel stops including rubber wheel stops. The Image Bollards team is available to discuss your requirements and recommend the solution best suited to your needs. We would also be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.

About the Author: Image Bollards: Supply and install high quality security bollards around Australia, we supply wide range of bollards including steel bollards, rubber bollards, removable bollards and bike racks, along with wheel stops, speed humps. With our security bollards that protect property and assets from vehicles.


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How To Find An Affordable Beachfront Villa


Punjabi SunilOf course, there is a catch to enjoying such super luxurious accommodation, and that is the price. One of the features of a villa that can send its price skyrocketing is a beachfront view. But, wait! There are ways you can get your hands on some great yet affordable beachfront villas. Interested? Read on.The first thing you need to understand is that the beachfront villa price will vary depending on the location. What may sound like a great deal in one place may not be the same in another. If you are looking for such a property in an area where the demand for it is more than the supply, you are definitely not going to get a great deal. So, the first tip is to exclude exclusive islands, which are very likely used by the rich and famous. Instead, concentrate on the areas where there is a plethora of villas but not as many takers. This doesn’t mean that you are settling for anything less; it just means that the location of the villa can make a great difference to the villa’s rental cost. Once you have decided on the location, explore all the options you get and check out the various facilities and amenities they provide. Depending on your requirements, you should be able to get a number of options to choose from.

Another way of ensuring that you get a beachfront villa at an affordable rate is not by choosing a freestanding house, but by going for a particular unit that is a part of a set of residences. This is due to the fact that most beachfront villas for rent comprises of more than three bedrooms and can be of use to you only if you are holidaying with a large group. If you are traveling in a group of three or four, two bedroom villas should be good enough. That is why it makes sense to choose a property where there is an option of splitting the cost of amenities with holidaymakers in other units. You can find properties that share parking, garage, gym, housekeeping and concierge desk but have their own private pools and terraces. That will ensure that there is no hindrance to the privacy of your villa.


The third tip to finding affordable beachfront villas is to rent a property that offers adjustable rates. That means that the price will depend on the number of bedrooms you occupy. It could be a 4-5 bedroom villa but if you are occupying only two bedrooms, you pay for only two. Other key ways to get hold of such a property is to get the help of a villa rental agent who knows your destination inside out. They should be able to suggest great properties that meet your requirements and are well within your budget. Lastly, you should plan and book early. Many properties have early bird offers that you can take advantage of if booking months in advance.

If you are traveling to Bali on a vacation and looking for

Bali beachfront villas

, click here to find best

Bali Pool Villas


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There are some of you who’ve always wanted to use your private car for any of your trips. Well, the reason is quite obvious. It’s because you feel comfortable being in-charge of the ride yourself. You feel no one can do it better for you than you do. But then again, what if the situation calls for a private hire? Will you still opt to use your private car? In order to separate the pros and cons between using your private car and opting for a car hire, the paragraphs below will help.

Using your private car

You’re in charge. Meaning to say, if you’re taking a trip somewhere else with your family, you don’t have to rush every time somebody else fetches you. In other words, you’re in control of your time. You can go to places you want to visit without thinking about the fact that somebody else is waiting for you.

You also think of money savings when it comes to using your private car. After all, you don’t have to pay any amount to a service provider. Plus, you don’t have to give him the customary tip at the end of the day. Yes, you do save much money on that except for the fact that you’ll have to pay for gas.


Opting for a private hire

Let’s look at the other side of the coin now. What makes private hire an advantage over using a private car? Well, the answer is simple. You don’t strain yourself as somebody will do the driving for you. You can even enjoy the ride and take some pictures of new sights you’ve never seen before. Plus, he can take you to unfamiliar places without much of a problem.

Add to that the fact that he’s licensed by local authorities in the UK. You’re also assured that the company checks on the safety of the vehicle before you even take your trip. When you make use of your own private car, you have to do all those things beforehand. Accept the fact that you may even forget doing all necessary checks before you take the trip. And even if you do, that’s so much hassle to your time.

Above all, the private hire driver remembers everything you need. He will never have problems about car keys. He will not have problems with car parking. If he does have problems with these two, he’ll be terminated from the service.

So which is a better choice your private car or using a private hire?

Well, you’ve thought of the money savings you’ll have if you use your private car for a trip. But remember that aside from paying fuel, your car’s wear and tear is inevitable. Parking fees can even add up to the total cost you have to spend. There’s not much money savings after all.

Obviously, using private hire is a more practical choice over using your own car for a certain trip. If you’re just hanging around town, then by all means you can use your private car. But if you’re going abroad, the private hire service is a better option to consider.

About the Author: Have you finally decided to use

private hire

for your next event or trip? You can use the list of

private hire companies

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Redesigning your home is a large financial and time commitment that should be thought through. From selecting a vision for your new design to choosing the right home remodeling contractors in Park Ridge, IL, the entire process involves a series of big decisions that should not be made lightly. When you want to find the best construction company in your area, there’re a few key components you will want to look for.

One-on-One Consultation

In the planning stages of your home remodel, you will want to meet with your contractor company for a preliminary consultation. During this meeting, you should discuss the basics, from your design intentions to your budget. Working within your parameters, your contractor should be able to give you a fair and accurate estimate.

From Dream to Design

The best way to get what you want out of a home remodel is to visualize your design. What do you want out of your new layout? A new room? Better traffic flow? Don’t worry about specifics, such as measurements; your home remodeling contractors in Park Ridge, IL can do that part for you. You should work with your contractor to find practical and economical ways to materialize your dream design.

Filing the Paperwork

Depending on the kind of project you are pursuing, certain permits may be needed. Before work begins, you will want to make sure your contractor is complying with all local zoning and building laws. A qualified construction company will know how to file for the correct permits, and should offer the service as a part of their job.

Working Within Your Budget

You will want to find a contractor who does not attempt to upsell you on something you do not want or cannot afford. You are the client, and the contractor is there to assist you.

Getting the Job Done on Time

Most importantly, you will want to find home remodeling contractors in Park Ridge, IL that are timely and efficient. When you renovate your house, you are temporarily sacrificing essential living space in your home. When contractors spread themselves too thinly between jobs, they do not realize the inconvenience they put on their clients. A worthwhile company wants to finish your project as quickly and professionally as possible.

Remember, this is your house. When you need home remodeling contractors in Park Ridge, IL, find a company who is willing to listen to your input. There are home remodeling contractors in Park Ridge, IL waiting to bring your dream home to life.

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India is the second largest producer of textiles and garments in the world. The textile and allied products earnings from export was $37.14 billion in FY16, or 13.71% share of Indias total exports of $262.29 billion in FY16. Currently, the size of the textile industry is estimated at around $108 billion. The textile industry has two broad segments. First, the unorganised sector consists of handloom, handicrafts, and sericulture, which operate on a small scale and through traditional tools and methods. The second is the organised sector, which consists of spinning, apparel and garments segment which apply modern machinery and techniques such as economies of scale.

Textile and specific to Garments: The readymade garments market is estimated at $45 billion, of which the domestic market is around $27 billion, while exports stand at $18 billion. The Indian branded apparel industry is estimated to be $10 billion in size and growing at 10-12% per annum.

The Indian textile industry contributes approximately 5% to Indias Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 14% to overall Index of Industrial Production (IIP). The industry has witnessed an upsurge in investment during the last five years. The industry (including dyed and printed) attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth US$ 1.85 billion during April 2000 to March 2016.


Indian Textile Industry has witnessed an upsurge in Investment in last few years and contributes approx. 5% to Indias GDP. Arvind Ltd is the largest cotton textiles manufacturer and exporter in India. The company’s principal business consists of manufacturing and marketing of denim fabric, shirting fabric, shirts, knitted fabric, and garments. The company has the rights to market international brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Arrow and Tommy Hilfiger in India. The company has also owned popular brands such as Newport, Flying Machine, Excalibre and Ruf & Tuf. They are having their production facilities at Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Gandhinagar in Gujarat, Pune in Maharashtra and Bangalore in Karnataka.

Arvind Ltd was incorporated in 1931 as Arvind Mills Ltd by three brothers Kasturbhai, Narottambhai and Chimanbhai. In 1934, they established themselves amongst the foremost textile units in the country. They are the first company to bring globally accepted fabrics such as denim, yarn dyed shirting fabrics & wrinkle free gabardines to India in the year 1986. The company produced 1600 million metres of denim per year in 1991 and became the third largest producer of denim in the world.


Arvind Limited approved the draft scheme of amalgamation of its 100% subsidiaries, Arvind Brands & Retail Limited (ABRL) and Arvind Garment Park Private Limited (AGPPL) and Dholka Textiles Park Private Limited (DTPPL) with Arvind Limited.

Consolidation of these entities with Arvind Limited comes post branded garments business hold by Arvind Brand & Retail Limited hive off into SPV. In the SPV the group has attracted Private Equity Investors Multiple with dilution of 10% stake for approx. Rs. 50 crore with an enterprise value to Arvind Fashion Portfolio of Rs. 8,000 crore. The steps taken by the group before this announcement are as follows:

Composite Scheme of Amalgamation of Arvind Retail Limited with Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited

Arvind Lifestyle is Subsidiary of Arvind Brand and Retail Limited. Arvind Lifestyle is one of the dominant players in the organized branded apparel market in India having a very wide network of exclusive branded outlets as well as multi-branded outlets.

Whereas Arvind Retail Limited is operating under the brand name Megamart and has been a pioneer in the value retail market offering many of its own private brands apart from a wide range of international brands.

Scheme of amalgamation of Arvind Fashion Brands Limited and Arvind Sports Lifestyle Limited with Arvind Lifestyle

Arvind Fashion Brands Ltd is engaged in desirable homegrown apparel brands with the Arvind promise of quality. Pioneering the launch of Arvind Fashion Brands Ltd. are western wear brands Shuffle and PRYM. The brands will retail across various e-commerce portals, with plans to expand the distribution channels to offline stores in the future.

Whereas Arvind Sports Lifestyle Ltd was set-up, with the objective of introducing exciting footwear brands to the Indian market through a mix of homegrown, acquired, licensed brands and joint ventures showcasing the Arvind promise of quality across ranges. Arrow, US Polo Association, Flying Machine, Cole Haan & Heatwave are just a few of the premier footwear brands that will pioneer Arvind Sports Lifestyle’s entry as it looks to establish itself as a major force in the Indian footwear industry

Scheme of Amalgamation of Asman Investments Limited and Arvind Brands Limited with Arvind Brand & Retails Limited

Asman Investment is engaged in business of trading of fabrics and garments and investment in properties and one group listed company i.e. Atul Limited. Asman might have exited properties and investment in group listed company before amalgamation.

Pursuant to scheme, there is transfer of branded garment business of Asman to the Arvind Brand and Retails Limited. The financial of Arvind Brands Limited is not available.

Hive of all business of Arvind Fashions Portfolio (Branded Garments) in SPV by Arvind brand & retail to Arvind Fashions Limited

Sale of 10% stake in Arvind Fashion Limited to Multiple Fund, a private equity investors which has currently invested in Arvind Limited for approx. Rs 750 crore.

Please Note: ESOP to Dholka Textiles Park Private Limited which might be to the employee.


Arvind Ltd shall not issue or allot any equity shares as ABRL, AGPPL and DTPPL are wholly owned subsidiaries of Arvind Ltd. Accounting for amalgamation is as per INDAS 103 Business Combination.


Arvind Garments Park Private Limited Dholka Textile Park Private Limited Arvind Brands and Retails Private Limited

Main business of the company is to develop Garments Park by acquiring land and creating other infrastructure developments for the park. Main business of the company is to develop Garments Park by acquiring land and creating other infrastructure developments for the park. Post Hive off the brands business portfolio which included apparel brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, US Polo Assn., Ed Hardy, Arrow, Gant, and Nautica among others. The company is engaged in the business of making investments in Subsidiary Companies of Arvind Group


The groups business and operations will be consolidated with an aim to optimise utilisation of resources; the assets of the subsidiaries will be used for textile projects and setting up companys own manufacturing plants.

The operation business of garments of subsidiaries has been hive off to SPV to attract investors, therefore subsidiaries left only with properties and assets so clubbing of subsidiaries will bring management under one roof and there will be more of a focused leadership in the organization.

This transaction will help Arvind Ltd unlock the value, that the brands business has accomplished in a short period and add financial muscle to future strategic opportunities for the group.

The transaction of stake sale helps Arvind unlock the value that the brands business has accomplished in a short period and add financial muscle to future strategic opportunities for the group.

Fund Raised and Utilisation:

It is proposed to reduce the groups debt down from Rs 3,200 crore to Rs 2,460 crore by using this Rs 740 crore of proceeds. The ideal debt to equity ratio of a company will be reduced to 2.1, So this deal will also improve the financial leverage. The stake sale gives the brand business arm an enterprise valuation of almost Rs 8,000 crore at one year forward multiples of 20-25 times


The investment by multiple PE is a strategic long-term investment. In January 2014, it had also picked up a little under 4% stake in Arvind for around Rs 150 crore by purchasing shares on the stock market through the foreign institutional fund and Indian funds.

It is a very interesting mix of bridge to luxury brand and brands for the mass market. It also has an interesting proportion of speciality retail. So, it is a unique combination of old brands, licensed brands, and speciality retail and this is a business Arvind has been nurturing for many years. So, they have a very experienced management team and a very robust strategy on how you address the consumerism opportunity of the Indian market. And the fact that it is a very large bouquet gives them lot of unique advantages when it comes to retailing out spaces or identifying an appropriate merchandise or even on the brand spend.


Earlier in August 2016, US-based PE firm TA Associates Management LP invested $140 million (Rs 970 crore) by acquiring existing shareholders (promoters and private equity investors) in TCNS Clothing Co. Pvt. Ltd, a leading womens apparel platform that sells popular fashion brand W. The company does not need cash as it is cash rich. The transaction helps Arvind Group unlock the value that the brands business has accomplished in a short period and add financial muscle to future strategic opportunities for the group.

The brands are present in more than 1,600 points of sale across India, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, and in over 300 exclusive stores in more than 100 cities. The firm has achieved consumer sales of more than $120 million (Rs 830 crore) in 2016, resulting in 70% year-over-year growth. The company did not share details of the transaction but said TA Associates has picked a minority stake in the privately held firm.

In February 2016, Premji Invest, an existing investor in the Fabindia, bought an additional 8% stake in the company from exiting investor L Capitals 8% for around Rs360 crore. The Indian consumption story has attracted other major PE funds too like Everstone Capital, Warburg Pincus and US fund General Atlantic who have invested in brands like Ritu Kumar, BIBA Apparels Pvt. Ltd and Anita Dongres firm House of Anita Dongre.


The Group has consolidated the branded business into a SPV Arvind Fashion Limited and remaining assets in Arvind Limited. Arvind Fashion Limited has attracted Multiple PE investor which will help to unlock the value that the brands business has accomplished in a short period and add financial muscle to future strategic opportunities. Multiple has shown faith in Arvind by making an initial investment in Arvind Limited and now major investment Arvind Fashion Limited which might be in minority but it is strategic long term investment.

About the Author: M&A Critique is the only magazine, News published from India which gives M&A News, Mergers and Acquisitions News, Analysis, Restructuring, Takeovers, and JV.Read More:


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City Breaks around Folkestone


guest : One of the Best Hotel in Folkestone. Cheap and Discount Hotels in Folkestone, Online Hotels Booking with Guest Houses Accommodation near Folkestone Kent. Cheap Hotels Accommodation, Budget Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, B and B Hotels Reservations in Folkestone Kent UK. Folkestone Discount Hotel Rooms Booking in Kent. Weekend Breaks and Midweek Breaks near Folkestone, Christmas Offers, Christmas Breaks, Christamas Festivals and Christamas Celebrations in Folkestone, New Year Offers, New Year Dinner Dance, Valentine’s Day Dinner near Folkestone Kent UK. City Hotels and City Breaks around Folkestone, Seaside Hotels, Seaview Hotels, Seafront Hotels, Beach Hotels near Folkestone Kent. Cheap Weekend Breaks, Short Weekend Breaks, Winter Breaks and Summer Breaks around Kent City Folkestone Kent UK. Bank Holiday Breaks, Mother’s Day Dinner Breaks, Father’s Day Treats near Folkestone. Business Hotels, Meeting and Conferences, Business Kent Hotels, Burlington Hotel in Folkestone. Easter Breaks, St. Patrick’s Day Breaks in Folkestone. Cheap B&B Hotels, Discount Accommodation, Budget Hotels Booking in Folkestone. Places to Stay Hotels, Holiday Hotels, Vacation Hotels, Single and Double Bed Room Hotels in Folkestone Kent UK. Luxury Hotels, Cheap Price and Low Price Hotels, Affordable Price Hotels in Folkestone Kent UK. Cheap Romantic Breaks, Romantic Weekend Breaks, Cheap City Breaks, Honeymoon Breaks in Folkestone Kent UK. Where to Stay Hotels, Wants to Stay Hotels, Hotels with Free Car Park, Spa Hotels, Hotels with Ferry near Folkestone. Cheap Hotels Reservations near Folkestone, Hotels near Folkestone, Hotels around Folkestone Kent UK. Family Bar and Restaurants, Family Hotels, Family Resorts, Family Cottages in Folkestone Kent UK. Cheap Hotels near Folkestone, Ahoy Westwar Ho Hotel in Folkestone, South Cliff Hotel in Folkestone Kent, The Lismore Hotel in Folkestone, Quality Hotel Burlington Hotel at Folkestone, Folkestone Hotel within Folkestone, Hotels near Folkestone Kent UK. Find Hotels in Folkestone Kent UK.Burlington Bed and Brekakfast in Folkestone Kent England UK.Folkestone Hotels in Kent UK.For More Information to Click Here

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What is calendar?

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. A calendar is also a physical record (often paper) of such a system. A calendar can also mean a list of planned events, such as a court calendar or a partly or fully chronological list of documents, such as a calendar of wills. And we need to know how to

customize calendar in outlook?

Change calendar view:

There are some steps given:

Step1. On the navigation bar, select Calendar.

Step2. On the Home tab, select a view.

Day- view current day

Work week- view the work week from Monday to Friday.

Week- view the week from Sunday through Saturday

Month- view the entire month

Schedule View- view the selected calendar in a horizontal layout to help schedule an appointment or meeting for multiple calendar are viewed at the same time.

Step3. Select Today at any time to go back to the current day.

Customize your calendar:

Way to customize calendar in outlook:

Select View > Time scale to change the time blocks shown on the calendar or Change time zone

Select View> Color to change the color of the calenda

Select View> Daily Task List and then select an option from the list.

To set the weather, select the down arrow next to the Current city name, and enter the location name or zip code in Add location.

Different work done by outlook calendar:

The Microsoft Outlook calendar is the calendar and scheduling component of outlook 2010 and is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other features. By using the calendar you can:

Create appointments:

As you write in notebook just like that you can click on any slot in the outlook calendar and start to type. You can also include sound or message reminds you of appointments, meetings and events, and you can also color items for quick identification.

Organize meetings:

Select a time on a calendar, create a message request, and select the people to invite. Outlook will helps you to find the earliest time when all invites are free. When you send the meeting request by email, the invitees receive the request in their inbox. When they receive your invitation they can accept or decline your request by just clicking on the button.

View group schedule:

You have also an option you can create calendars that shows you the schedule of the group of people or resources. For example, you can view the schedules of all the people of your department or all the resources, such as conference rooms, in your building this helps you to schedule meetings quickly.

View calendar side by side:

You can also view the side by side multiple calendar that you created and also calendar shared by other outlook users. For example, you can create a separate calendar for your personal appointments and view both your work and personal calendar side by side.

Or you can also copy or move appointments between the displayed calendars.

View calendars on top of one another overlay view:

You can also use overlay view to display multiple calendars that display multiple calendars that you display multiples calendars that you created and also calendars that shared by outlook users.

Link to calendar on Microsoft SharePoint sites:

If you access to a SharePoint sites you can view the lists of events from that site in your outlook calendar. You can also change the list in outlook while working offline.

Send calendar to anyone through email:

You can send your calendar to a mail recipient as an internet calendar, but keep control on how much information is shared.

About the Author: Gaurav singh – SEO at

– Easy Email Support is a knowledge base cum support website for commonly faced email issues in day to day life. We cover almost every issue/error faced with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Facebook, Hotmail & AOL.resource –


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