A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, April 17, 2007.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Children from single-parent homes are much more likely to be sexually abused – a study carried out at University of Pennsylvania‘s School of Medicine suggests.

Previous studies have found that children being raised in single-parent homes are at greater health and other kinds of risks. The new study shows that these risks include higher risk of childhood sexual abuse. This especially concerns low-income one-parent households.

Dr. William C. Holmes, MD, MSCE, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania says that the problem involves psychological and emotional aspects.

?hildren from one-parent homes do need more communication with their moms or dads. However, the parents are often absent from the home, being busy working to provide their children with basic necessities. The children have to find someone who would be a parent-substitute with whom to communicate and to share experiences. Molesters take advantage of this situation and become friends to these emotionally-needy children.

Holmes says that low-income single-parent households are at greater risk due to the type of childcare facilities available to children from such families. Unfortunately, these are not facilities with thorough oversight of who is a caregiver of a child.

According to Holmes, studies like this one suggest that there should be some interventions to help single parents and their children, for instance through funding of better childcare facilities.

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The Mediterranean Diet receives a lot of praise for its healthy and delicious characteristics. At its most basic, this diet can be considered good common sense. It includes a plethora of vegetables and fruit, whole grains and legumes, and a smaller amount of meat and fish. A limited amount of dairy products and eggs also is included. For Mediterranean Diet Food Delivery in Oahu, a person might choose a pizza with fresh, all-natural ingredients. Pizza, after all, originated in Italy, which is one of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

To keep this meal as authentic as possible, the Food Delivery in Oahu might include a pizza with diced tomatoes, spinach, black olives and real mozzarella cheese. Those toppings are prevalent in an Italian, Sicilian and Greek food of various kinds. A thin crust is often chosen & since true Italian pizza originated with flatbread. However, Sicily is no stranger to a thicker crust, so if everyone prefers that option, they shouldn’t shortchange themselves. The best meat choices would be grilled chicken or pepperoni, as they also maintain authenticity for this part of the globe.

It’s important not to go overboard on the meat and cheese, however, since true Mediterranean food is known for restricting these items to a certain degree. A person might consider how many of these foods would be available to a traditional resident of those countries centuries ago. A resident might raise some chickens and, with a cow or two, have milk to make cheese. Owning pigs and cattle to use for meat, however, takes a lot of lands that most people do not have. Supermarkets with their full meat counters did not exist. As it turns out, that diet with its emphasis on fresh plant-based food and a smaller amount of protein is a very healthy one.

A restaurant such as Papa Johns can deliver this meal promptly for an affordable price. The hot, fresh Mediterranean dinner has a fragrant aroma that gets everyone’s mouths watering as they eagerly wait to dig in. One glass of red wine complements the meal and reflects the love of people in these countries for the grape-based adult beverage.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Officials say the death toll in the recent earthquake in China has reached almost 15,000. The news comes as 2,000 of the nation’s troops were dispatched to the Zipingku Dam to repair “extremely dangerous” cracks in the structure, which is upriver from Dujiangyan City, already severely hit by the disaster.

It is feared the toll will rise much further as 60,000 people are missing after the 7.9 magnitude quake in Sichuan left entire towns “razed to the ground” with no buildings standing, according to officials in the area. At one destroyed school 178 children were found dead after the building collapsed while they slept inside it. A second school at Wudu, twenty miles from the epicentre behind the White Cloud Mountain, has 130 dead children and 150 more still buried and feared dead.

Zipingku Dam has had some water drained to ease the pressure on it. According to the Ministry of Water Resources’ website “If Zipingpu develops a serious safety problem, it could bring disaster to Dujiangyan city downstream.” Numerous other dams are also affected, including several others near Dujiangyan. In addition, experts from France’s Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety say it cannot yet be ruled out that a number of nuclear power facilities in the area have been affected.

50,000 troops have been brought to the area to provide assistance. However, emergency response is being made difficult by continuing poor weather and landslides that have cut off Wenchuan county. In Mianyang alone, one of the worst-hit cities, some 19,000 people are thought to be buried under rubble and the first rescuers to reach the epicenter state tens of thousands may be dead there as well. The Wenchuan town of Yingxiu has only 2,300 confirmed survivors from a 12,000-strong population. Some aid in the form of food, water and medicine has arrived by helicopter, but rotorcraft operations are very dangerous due to ongoing poor weather. Trucks loaded with noodles and biscuits were raided by crowds before the aid could be properly handed out. The People’s Liberation Army intends to send in paratroopers.

“They had better set up a distribution system, or we will be stealing what we can,” one survivor promised.

Meanwhile, accusations of blame over the scale of the effects have been leveled at construction companies and local authorities. The allegations say that the firms used substandard techniques and materials when building many projects, and corrupt local authorities deliberately ignored the problem. Some people have nicknamed the resulting structures “tofu buildings”, an allusion to the fact that they are alleged to be ‘as soft as tofu‘. “It’s nothing but corruption – they must have used sub-standard cement and steel,” said rescuer Dr Tian, who withheld his second name from journalists. It is also alleged that both local residents and international scientific organisations were ignored when they warned of a large impending earthquake.

As a mark of respect, the Olympic torch relay will be scaled back in response to the earthquake.

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byAlma Abell

If you are injured because of the irresponsibility or carelessness of the other party, the law allows you to claim for some form of compensation. However, with the lengthy and complicated legal procedures involved when filing for a personal injury lawsuit, it is imperative that you hire the services of a competent Personal Injury Attorney in Northport. A personal injury attorney has proficient knowledge of both the state and federal personal injury laws. The lawyer will help you through the entire process of fighting for your rights.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

* Auto accidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, truck trailer accidents and many more

* Slip and fall injuries

* Animal injuries such as dog bites

* Medical malpractices

* Construction accidents

* Mining accidents

* Workplace accidents

If you have sustained any of the above injuries or other injuries caused by the recklessness of the other party, it important you contact a personal injury attorney. First, the lawyer will evaluate your case, which means they will study all the details of your case to determine whether you have a worthy case.

Once the lawyer is convinced that you have a valid case, they will help you file it. The lawyer will handle all the paperwork and documentation on your behalf. They will also make sure that all the essential documents are forwarded to the right authorities. This will help to avoid any inconvenience during the day of the hearing.

To receive compensation for your injuries, you must prove that the injuries were caused by the reckless behavior of the other party. Your lawyer will help you obtain sufficient evidence to prove your case. They will also offer you an excellent court representation and present all your interests before the court. The lawyer will ensure that you get compensation for all your medical expenses, lost income, property damages and emotional distress.

These are just some of the major roles played by a competent Personal Injury Attorney in Northport. Remember to consider some factors such as experience, education, reliability and commitment before you hire your lawyer; click here to read more about personal injury lawyers.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A security camera at the First Judicial District courthouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico has captured an unidentified star shaped object that appears to spin, on camera. The object was recorded on Friday and some say it is a ghost, a reflection, or a piece of cottonwood fluff.

Alfred Arana, a Sheriff Deputy for Santa Fe County first discovered the object after he began to watch the surveillance recordings from the day before. He then requested Sgt. Vanessa Pacheco watch the recording to see what she thought. The object appeared at the time stamp of just before 7:30 a.m. (pacific time) on Friday morning.

“Generally, most people who’ve seen (the video) believe it is some type of spirit or ghost. It’s something unexplainable, (but) I don’t believe in ghosts so I don’t think that’s what it is,” said Sgt. Pacheco.

Public defender Earl Rhoads who works at the courthouse says that the object is totally explainable and that it is likely a piece of fluff from the cottonwood trees that stand close to the camera.

“I’m not willing to say it’s proof of paranormal activity. I think it’s totally explainable. I’m open to other possibilities, but my best guess at this point is that it’s a small floating object near the camera lens, probably a fluff of cotton from the cottonwoods nearby or an insect or something like that,” said Rhoads.

In the video, the object moves from the back door of the courthouse (in the upper right corner of the screen). It then floats, while rotating, shining and appearing in the shape of a star, toward the bottom right corner of the screen, past a police car, and then out of view.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Boston’s Central Artery and Third Harbor Tunnel Project (CA/T), unofficially known as the Big Dig, plagued by cost overruns and reports of shoddy workmanship, has been hit with yet another scandal as six employees of its primary concrete supplier have been indicted for falsifying records regarding allegedly inferior concrete supplied to the massive highway construction project.

Federal prosecutors alleged in a 135 count indictment that of the 135,000 truckloads of concrete, a “web” of falsified documents were used to cover up a conspiracy where at least 5,000 truckloads — 1.2 percent of the concrete used — did not meet specifications. The company, Aggregate Industries NE Inc. was paid US$105 million for the concrete.

Aggregate said in a statement Thursday that it would cooperate with authorities.

“As a result of extensive testing by industry experts, Aggregate Industries is satisfied that all of the concrete it has supplied on the Big Dig and throughout the commonwealth is structurally sound,” the statement said.

Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly said “We have no evidence whatsoever that the structural integrity and safety of the tunnel has been compromised.”

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said in a prepared statement, “No one in Massachusetts should be surprised to learn that a project so badly mismanaged, over budget, and grossly delayed is now also facing allegations of criminal misbehavior.” Romney and Lt. Governor Kerry Healey have also announced that they have decided to return campaign contributions from workers of Aggregate Industries.

Indicted were: former general manager Robert Prosperi, 63, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts; Marc Blais, 36, of Lynn, Massachusetts, a dispatch manager; John Farrar, 42, of Canterbury, Connecticut, a dispatch manager; Gerard McNally, 53, of Rockland, Massachusetts, a quality control manager; Gregory Stevenson, 53, of Furlong, Pennsylvania, district operations manager; and Keith Thomas, 50, of Billerica, Massachusetts, a dispatch manager. Stevenson and Farrar are no longer with the company. Aggregate says it has suspended the others.

According to the indictments,

  • the six Aggregate employees recycled concrete that had been rejected because it had not been used within 90 minutes of being mixed
  • in some cases double-billing for the loads
  • the workers gave falsified documentation to project inspectors to show the concrete was fresh
  • the faulty concrete was used in walls and roof slabs in the Interstate 93 tunnel, parts of the Interstate 90 tunnel and the sea walls of the Fort Point Channel, among other places.

At the arrest hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Wyshack said, “The taxpayers of this community and this country will be paying for years to come.”

Lawyers for the employees say the men believed their conduct was legal, that the concrete supplied by Aggregate Industries met all the strength requirements of the project, and that Big Dig managers sometimes waived the 90-minute rule when trucks of concrete were lined up to meet heavy demand. Stephen Delinsky, an attorney for one of the defendants, said they delivered quality concrete, but prosecutors probing the troubled project are looking to place blame. “It’s always easy to blame the lowest level, which is the concrete manufacturers. Each defendant believed that they acted in good faith. They believed at all times their conduct was legal and believed the concrete delivered to the Big Dig was appropriate.”

A spokesman for project manager Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff declined comment.

On August 11, 2005, it was announced that the Massachusetts State Police searched Aggregate’s offices in June and found evidence of faked records that hid the poor quality of concrete delivered for highway project. On March 19, 2006, the International Herald Tribune reported that Massachusetts “Attorney General Tom Reilly plans to sue Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff and other companies if the two sides do not reach an agreement over 200 complaints of poor work in the construction of a highway system under the center of Boston, the Boston Globe reported Saturday. Reilly was said to be seeking $67 million from Bechtel and $41 million from other companies.”

The purpose of the project was to remove the more than 50-year-old aboveground Interstate 93 freeway running through downtown Boston by burying it, and connecting the Massachusetts Turnpike with Logan Airport by running a third tunnel below Boston Harbor. The project was completed this year after serious delays and cost overruns reached US$14.6 billion, a more than 500% increase over the original estimate of US$2.6 billion. More than ten years of detours to traffic ended when the last major section opened in January.

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

The Frugalware Development Team describes ­­Frugalware as a general purpose Linux distribution, designed for intermediate users who are not afraid of text mode. Frugalware also plans to offer a live CD with desktop options, to be developed by one of its teams. A live CD enables running the Linux software on most compatible Intel and AMD chipset architectures, without having to partition a drive.

A freelance journalist writing for Wikinews interviewed the founder of Frugalware Linux, Miklós Vajna.

Wikinews: Frugalware is a slack distribution at present. Are there plans for developing binary package management platforms of it?

Miklós Vajna: Our package manager is called pacman, and its primary purpose is to install binary packages. If you want to install packages from source, you can use our “repoman” tool.

Wikinews: What are your visions for the future of Frugalware, do you plan to globally distribute it as a product, and would you consider allowing a major corporation to sponsor your efforts?

Miklós Vajna: The second. Frugalware is free, but maintaining it needs hardware, mirrors, money. We got several donations already (build servers), and we continuously need them. If a corporation want to sponsor us, I think that is totally O.K. 🙂

Wikinews: What is Arch Linux in relationship to your project? And how do their efforts fit into your game plan?

Miklós Vajna: The common [thing] in Arch Linux and Frugalware is the package manager. (To be strict: nothing else.) Developing our package manager is a common effort. If anyone [is] interested in its development, he/she can subscribe to the pacman development mailing list.

Wikinews: I’ve successfully installed Frugalware, OpenSUSE, and WinXP on the same box. Do you see a lot of people doing this sort of thing in the future?

Miklós Vajna: We support having more than one operating system on a single machine — though this matters only in case Frugalware is the last installed operating system. We do not have any statistics about what operating systems do other people use besides Frugalware, if they have more than one.

Wikinews: Is it possible that PearPC and Frugalware may have a relationship to distribute the PearPC Emulator with Frugalware in the future?

Miklós Vajna: It is already available [1].

Wikinews: What kinds of software might you include with further editions of Frugalware? Is Muse part of the base package for electronic musicians, or will you have those sorts of things?

Miklós Vajna: No [2]. It is not available at the moment. You can request a package by filing a feature request to our Bug Tracking System, at [3].

Wikinews: Is the autoupdating feature of Frugalware unique to Frugalware and perhaps a keystone to future developments?

Miklós Vajna: I have never tried other autoupdating features. What one can see is that upgrading even from the previous stable release — which means installing 6 months of update at once — requires only a few tricks, and these are documented. So it works as it should, and we always pay attention not to break this great feature.

Wikinews: What can new users of Frugalware do to test and relay infotmation back to the developers through the correct channels?

Miklós Vajna: We have released stable versions two times a year. There are testing releases every two months. If one would like to help us, then download these releases, test them, and if something is broken, then file a bug report to the BTS (mentioned above already).

Frugalware has new X Windows video drivers that provide a major speed improvement over available patches for previous editions of Linux. Alex Smith has been working on them as a developer.

In addition, the PearPC emulator mentioned above, which comes with the package manager, may, with proper tuning and installation of a legal copy of Mac OSX, enable many Intel and AMD Frugalware users to use the Apple OS on their desktops. Alex Smith is also a contact person for the PearPC project, which can also be found in irc://irc.freenode.net and at http://www.pearpc.net.

The official release time of the latest edition frugalware-0.4 was Mar 30 07:42:21. The developers can be reached for comment through IRC at #frugalware in the irc.freenode.net network.

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Well-known companies tend to offer long-term solutions that are beneficial to their clients in the long term and will protect life and property. People should contact several roofing companies and get a free quote from each before deciding on a certain contractor. Because roof repair in Joplin MO is vital to the life of your home, do not be quick to decide on a professional.

Roofing checklists are important

According to the Better Business Bureau, roofing is among the top ten lists of organizations for customer complaints and inquiries. Each roof should really have a high level of quality and contractors should be competent in dealing with all types of roofing issues. In fact, a good roof over your head will give you peace of mind.

Hiring a semi-competent roofing contractor can save a person a few bucks, but the final results are likely to be expensive. For example, a homeowner can look forward to spending a lot more money to fix water leaks caused by poor installation, something of which could have been avoided by hiring a reliable contractor to begin with.

Use the best materials

There are several roofing companies in Missouri, and although many of them usually provide quality roofing materials designed to withstand even the strongest windstorms, others may not. One example may be a wind storm that destroyed roofs left and right. The results of the devastating storm consisted of moderate-to-major property damage, which may have been avoided if the work was properly done from the start.

Roofing organizations are required by law to comply with a set of rules that allows customers to put their trust in them. Do not leave your Roof Repair in Joplin MO, hire a professional who has a history of success.


A robust rooftop manufacturer must always offer a “know-how” guarantee. A specialist that will guarantee their work says a lot about the precision of which they work and how much confidence the individual has in his or her work. The guarantee immediately covers a laid roof or any works performed.

Most companies offer guarantees ranging from 5 years to 10 years, while materials years or more. Browse our website for more details.

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