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Sand Traps on golf courses better called Bunkers cause great trouble for most golfers. How is that these demons came about to be the scourge of most ordinary golfers?

Amazingly bunkers came about due to geography and topography surrounding the origins of golf and golfing on the windswept desolate Scottish early historic golf courses/ because these holes were sheltered from the cold Scottish breezes, sheep would take refuge in these areas. Thus the holes expanded. When this land came to be used for golf pursuits, it was often too much hard work and time for grass to grow back. Hence the locals took advantage of the sheeps efforts and fashioned sand filled bunkers from the holes.

On these old courses, the golfing greens were sited so as to maximize the bunkers threat to golfers shots. Hence the sand traps, properly called Bunkers came to be named hazards in the rules of golf and golfing. Later on in golf and golfing course architecture, golf architects would place these insidious traps so as to penalize wayward shots. As a result golf course bunkers are seldom in the middle of the golf fairway they are usually on the sides of the golf course fairways. Talk about mean and sadistic.


How deep is the usual bunker? That is like asking what is temperature in New York or what the temperature in Winnipeg, Canada is. It all varies depending on the course , type of sand, the golf course greens keeper preferences and laziness and even the time of year and weather making a difference as to how wet the sand is and how much has blown away. The usual depth of the sand in a golf bunker can be said to be generally 2 inches in depth. This amount does stop the golf ball form burying too much on landing bit still provides a decent cushion for the escape shot.

Sand bunkers can be the most frustrating and feared part of most golfers. It is the last places most want to be in or finish. Its a reasonable fear but then again why should such simple sand in a hole cause so much grief on the golf courses of the world?

Fear of the golf bunkers need not be pervasive. It all comes down to a lack of technique, understanding and lack of practice of dealing with these shots. On top of that many golfers will only hit the ball harder getting even angrier all the time.

It all comes down to preparation and practice. Your local golf pro can show you easy tips. Most people never practice sand bunker golf shots. Its akin to a belief that if you never go near the water you will never. However in this case you will play golf, and at some time you will end up in the sandbox properly called the bunker.

Take the time during the golf season or better yet in the off season to ask your local golf pro for some help and tips on how to get your golf ball out of the horrible sand bunker. If you want to reduce your golf tension level and frustration level as well as reduce your golfing score this is time and money more than well spent.

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