A Deep Dive into BBQ Restaurants and Kamado Barbeques

Barbecue is a method of cooking that has been widely adored across the globe since time immemorial. It’s more than just a way of preparing food; it’s a social tradition, a gathering of friends and family for an outdoor feast. The smell of smoky BBQ wafting through the air is an international symbol of good times. In particular, it has a unique place in the culinary landscape of the United States, where regions across the country boast their own unique styles of barbecue. Kamado barbeques are a major player in the field and are growing in popularity each day.

BBQ restaurants, known for their delectable meats slow-cooked to perfection over an open flame or in a smoker, are pivotal settings for this culinary art. Whether it’s Texas-style brisket, South Carolina pulled pork or Kansas City’s sweet and smoky spare ribs, each restaurant offers a different method and flavor depending on their geographical location and local preferences.

In recent years, however, a novel style of barbecue has claimed the spotlight – the Japanese-inspired Kamado style. Nowadays, an emerging trend of BBQ restaurants is serving up succulent, smoky, and tirelessly tender meats using Kamado barbeques.

The Rise of Kamado Barbeques in BBQ Restaurants

Kamado barbeques are versatile charcoal grills inspired by traditional Japanese cookware. The word ‘Kamado’ means ‘stove’ or ‘cooking range’ in Japanese. These devices are known for their excellent heat retention, versatility, and unique aesthetic, which combines in the creation of extraordinarily flavorful dishes.

The Kamado style grill is distinct in its design, made from high-quality ceramics and capable of achieving a wide range of temperatures. This makes it perfect for various cooking methods like grilling, smoking, roasting, and even baking. It’s this multiplexity that allows BBQ restaurants to use Kamado barbeques in innovative ways, offering customers a broader range of tantalizing tastes.

Moreover, food cooked on a Kamado grill has a beautiful, smoky flavor that is different from a traditional charcoal or gas grill. The design of the Kamado also allows for a longer cooking time at a lower temperature, which is key to producing tender, flavorful barbecued meats.

How BBQ Restaurants are Embracing the Kamado Trend

Recognizing the unique charm that Kamado barbeques bring to the table, BBQ restaurants are now integrating this method into their cooking style in a variety of ways, from replacing their traditional barbecues with Kamado grills to offering a Kamado BBQ section on their menu.

In a nutshell, for seasoned BBQ lovers looking for a novel way to enjoy their favorite smoky treats or novice food enthusiasts keen to explore the world of barbecue, Kamado barbeques offer a new and exciting way to experience this age-old culinary tradition. BBQ restaurants around the country are now working hard to conquer this Kamado trend, promising an exciting future for grill lovers everywhere.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying it, Kamado barbeques have truly redefined what it means to enjoy a barbecue. With their myriad benefits and unique cooking style, they’ve firmly stamped their mark on the BBQ restaurant scene. As we see this trend continue to rise, it’s clear that the future of barbecue is versatile, flavorful and, above all, exciting. BBQ lovers, get ready to embrace and savor more of this delicious trend!

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Situated on the coastal strip surrounded entirely by desert, is the very contemporary and rapidly accelerating independent city of Dubai. It has developed at an astonishing pace in the travel and tourism sector attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most recommended excursions for the visitors to Dubai along with Dubai City Tour and Dinner Cruise Dubai. City Tours for the other 6 Emirates can also be booked by the same tour operator if you wish. Dinner Cruise Dubai is another great option to tour around Dubai on a traditional wooden dhow with international veg. and non veg. buffet dinner with friends and family. It is not only popular among the tourists but also enjoyed by the residents of Dubai from time to time. Children and adults both enjoy this fun-filled ride up and down the red sand dunes of Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai starts with picking you up from your hotel or place of residence in the afternoon. Make sure you carry lots of sun block, sunglasses, cap, and something warm for the night as it might get a bit cold. The driver would then head towards the desert which is a short ride away from your hotel. Once at the meeting point, the driver would deflate the tyres of the 4×4 and then take you into the desert on an exciting dune bashing ride. The 4×4 will then stop on a high dune for you to view the very beautiful Dubai sunset in the desert. Do not forget to capture these moments onto your camera to share it with family and friends once back home. The dune bashing is sure to make you tired, so you are taken to the Bedouin style Desert Safari in Dubai campsite which is designed keeping in mind the heritage of Dubai. You are warmly welcomed at the camp in the traditional Arabic way with gahwa (Arabic coffee) and fresh dates. Once at the camp you have a list of activities to engage yourself with like camel riding, quad biking, henna painting, sheesha smoking and much more. At the Desert Safari in Dubai camp you can enjoy the buffet with variety of veg. and non-veg. cuisine along with BBQ. This also includes unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Along with your dinner you can enjoy, an awe-inspiring belly dance and tanoura dance by the professional dancers at the Desert Safari in Dubai camp.


Make sure to book you Desert Safari in Dubai tour with a government recognized company in order to avoid any sort of complications during your tour later. The same company would also help you arrange your Dubai City Tour and Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise. Also, options for corporate events, birthday parties and all other kinds of special group bookings are also given by the Desert Safari in Dubai tour companies. Make sure to enjoy the maximum possible once you are in Dubai and do not forget to capture them onto your camera.

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Kids’ Calcium Consumption Is Key Concern For Parents


Adam Johnes

Parents play a key role in ensuring their children meet the daily requirements of calcium intake, according to a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The report also states that most children and adolescents are at risk for bone fractures and osteoporosis later in life due to low calcium consumption when they’re young. Three servings of low-fat milk, cheese or yogurt, or up to 1,300 milligrams of calcium depending on age, are recommended each day to build strong bones.

“Parents and caregivers often know the importance of calcium, but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into their child’s diet,” said Andrea Garen, a registered dietitian at Dairy Council of California. “Since dairy foods provide 70 percent of calcium in the Western diet, finding ways to include more dairy can make a difference in a child’s long-term wellness and bone health.”

Garen’s suggestions include:

• Find ways to work more dairy into the diet: Offer a child yogurt or cereal with low-fat milk for breakfast, and string cheese and flavored milk as a snack.


• Serve as a child’s role model: If good nutrition is important to parents, it will also be important to their children.

• Insist on family meals: Eating together at home will help parents control what their children eat.

Garen added that the Dairy Council of California’s meal-planning Web site (www.mealsmat ter.org) contains hundreds of free and easy-to-make, calcium-rich recipe ideas, including Chicken Crunchers. Parents can try this and other palate-pleasing recipes to help their children meet their daily calcium requirements.

Chicken Crunchers


1 cup all-purpose flour



4 Egg whites

1/2 cup milk

11/2 cups cornflakes

1 cup reduced-fat, shredded cheddar cheese

6 Chicken breast fillets; cut into strips


Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Set up three bowls with the following: 1) flour mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper; 2) an egg-wash, made by beating the eggs and milk together; 3) cornflakes mixed with cheese. Coat a 13 x 9-inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray. Dip chicken pieces in flour, then into the egg-wash, then roll in the cheesy-flakes mixture. Bake for 25 minutes, turning halfway through to ensure even browning. Serve with ketchup, BBQ sauce or plain yogurt for dipping, if desired.

Total Preparation Time: 15 to 30 minutes.

Recipe source: www.3aday.org.

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The many benefits of Meridian Window


Michael Shribman

Tired of the same old windows and want to add some spunk to your home decor with newer designs? If yes, then Meridian Window is the place to shop as we offer a huge number of designs, styles, shapes and colors to meet your requirements and budget.

If it is casement windows which you want we have them. Casement windows available at Meridian not only look good but are also functional as they allow excellent ventilation and are weather tight.


Awning windows at Meridian are designed in such a way that they open out from the bottom which lets air in/out of the room while simultaneously keeping out the rain and snow. Available in single, stacked or side-by-side designs, these windows are stylish as well and can be great replacements for old windows.

At Meridian Window, fixed windows allow replacing old windows quick and easy. These windows are ideal for a panoramic view and they can easily be blended into any other window style. They can also be custom made to fit any architectural requirements like arches etc.

Single hung or double hung; at Meridian Window you can choose from either as both allow good ventilation and easy cleaning. The exterior frames of both styles are beveled for an elegant look. If you have a small room and are wondering how to replace the existing cramped window, look no further than a single slider option as the sash opens inwards with a tilt to permit good ventilation and easy cleaning. A double slider on the other hand is ideal for rooms with big windows as it gives proper ventilation without compromising on the view.

Meridian Window also stocks end vent windows which are great for rooms which could do with a sliding window but the width of the opening becomes a problem. Its central picture window becomes a lovely focal point and this economical yet well-designed window is a popular choice among builders.

Want to add elegance to your room with some stunning curves and arches to your windows? At Meridian Window, we take pride in custom designing windows in any shape in any size along with offering the standard shapes and sizes. We offer the latest technology which allows for custom designing which can replace the existing windows without too much of a fuss.

Bay windows are a wonderful way of letting in more light and air into your home especially where there is a panoramic view to be enjoyed. Meridian window can custom-build it within the specifications of the space given.

A wide range of glass options is offered by Meridian window which is suitable for any climate and provides optimal energy efficiency and tar round comfort. A huge array of colors and accents for exteriors and interiors as well as a large variety of decorative grills is available at Meridian window. Tinted panels, stained and textured glass and many more decorative panels can be chosen from at Meridian window to give a total makeover to your existing windows. Meridian Window can be contacted for further detailed information.

we specialize in sales and installation of

best vinyl windows

as well as

custom exterior doors

and aluminum windows for residential and commercial markets.

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This accurate archetypal has 6 burners, 60,000 BTUs and over 800 inches of absolute affable area. This barbecue additionally has a stainless animate cart, animate anatomy and comes with stainless animate “flavorizer bars,” which are advised to add added acidity to food. Like best Weber Natural Gas Grills, this one comes with appropriate affection appearance like the discharge angle rotisserie adapter and stainless animate rod affable grates.There is additionally the 400 alternation of Weber Natural Gas Grills additionally in the Summit line. This alternation includes the S-450, S-470 and S-440. These grills are advised for hardly abate families as they accept 4 burners instead of 6. They additionally accept about 50,000 BTUs and about 500 inches of affable space.We searched a array of user comments on Consumer Report and Amazon.com to see if the Weber Summit Barbecue is absolutely account the money. We apprehend through Consumer Report’s official appraisement adviser as well.According to the reviews we saw, the Weber Summit Barbecue consistently receives aerial marks for affection and performance. Bodies adulation a array of aspects about these products. Of the reviews we saw, bodies repetitively mentioned that they admired the way their aliment tasted. In fact, some comments we saw declared that aliment tends to about-face out perfectly. Bodies who had struggled with added brands of grills in the accomplished said they were actual adequate to accept assuredly begin this accurate barbecue for their affable needs. Additionally reviewers and barter akin acquainted that the apparatus has a actual solid and athletic build. Everyone was admiring that the instructions for this high-end apparatus were so accessible to follow. Another absolute acknowledgment that we saw from a few barter was that they begin that the barbecue heats up actual bound to a nice aerial temperature.One added additional for the Weber Summit Barbecue is the absorbing assurance offered. The stainless animate shroud, aluminum castings, and ceramics enameled shrouds all accept a 25-year warranty. The absorbing breadth of this assurance speaks volumes about the aplomb Weber has in its products. Some of the abate genitalia including the flavorizer bars, the affable grates, and the burners accept warranties capricious from 2 years to 10 years.In general, barter and reviewers feel that Weber Natural Gas Barbecue articles are account the money and a abundant value. Bodies commented that the Weber Summit barbecue was a acute buy because the akin of adroitness and affection of the product.

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