Internet Marketing Promotional Site: Web Design And Promotion For Profitability 5 Tips

Submitted by: Jed C. Jones

The idea of having a web site that promotes your business automatically – eventually turning into a cash cow for you without much effort on your part – is an idea almost as old as the Internet itself. In fact, ever since businesspeople and entrepreneurs became aware of the amazing profit potential that the Internet holds, people have been trying to find effective ways to easily make money online.

But, with hundreds of millions of web sites out there today, it is no wonder that people who make a foray into this realm are not only unprepared, but are surprised to find out how much work it can take to actually turn a profit online.

Of course, it pays to know the tricks and techniques to make an Internet marketing site profitable. If you plan to build an Internet marketing promotional site and market it successfully, the web design and promotional methods and techniques you use need to be bulletproof. By mastering some very basic steps in the process, you can then be prepared to graduate to more advanced techniques.

Here are 5 tips for designing and promoting an Internet marketing promotional site that works:

1. Make your site’s purpose clear to all visitors:

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Most website developers are guilty of the same crime: assuming that all visitors to their site immediately understand the purpose of the site, whom it targets, and what it offers. It turns out that it requires a considerable amount of careful forethought to design a site that is so clearly messaged it can answer these 3 questions for first-time visitors within just 5-10 seconds of landing there. But, it is worth making that effort. If you are not successful at doing this, the majority of your first-time visitors will go away, never to return.

2. Create a (user) path to profits:

For each site you build, users need to have a clear and unobstructed path from your landing page (usually the Home Page) to the place where they can give you money, join your list, etc. Don’t make the customer jump through hoops to get this done.

3. Optimize the content:

Every page of your site should be optimized for at least one keyword. The content, meta tags, and backlinks to the page need to be in harmony with each other and optimized for that keyword.

4. Drive lots of quality traffic:

Once you have built it, do NOT just assume that they will come. No, to generate a lot of website traffic, you will need to use pay-per-click ad marketing (PPC) or content-based marketing (articles, blogs, etc.) to drive people there. Once your site is built, most of your time should be spent doing that.

5. Set goals, measure results, and adjust – then repeat:

Success in this game comes by fits and starts; sometimes, it feels like three steps forward, two steps back. This can get discouraging if you check your progress each day, getting overly excited after a good day and then being depressed when sales are slow. Spare yourself the roller coaster ride.

Instead, check in with your sales and visit results every 3-7 days at most. And, keep meticulous records on all relevant data like number web visits, time on page, top content visited, and of course sales. Only by setting site visit and site sales goals, measuring results and then taking new actions accordingly will you be able to make any real progress. Choose to live and die by the numbers – they speak the truth!

Follow these 5 tips for designing and promoting an Internet marketing web site for maximum profitability.

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