Repair Your Roof Using Quality Roofing In Silverdale WA


When the roof of your home fails, you are usually stuck with an expensive repair. This is because most leaking roofs normally take a little time before the water is noticeable inside the home. You can frequently avoid this problem with a little preventative maintenance and regular roofing inspections. Maintenance can include simple tasks like cleaning any debris from the roof and verifying that the sealant doesn’t show signs of deterioration. Roofing inspections are a little more detailed. Most inspections need to be handled by someone certified in Roofing in Silverdale WA. An experienced roofer can locate signs of problems that many people might miss. Even if you insist on visually checking the roof yourself, you can eliminate a lot of headache by having a professional inspect the roof every five years or so.

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The most common roof repair is shingle replacement. This typically involves removing the old shingles and roofing felt and installing new product. If the roof damage involves the decking, then this is the time to fix it. Most homes built in the last forty years use some form of man made lumber on the roof. Originally, this was plywood, but more recently that has been replaced with OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Both of these products use glue to hold different pieces of wood together. When the wood gets wet it swells which breaks the bond with the resins and ruins the decking. Even a simple leak can result in damaged decking if it isn’t caught in time.

Once you know it is time to replace the roof, you have several choices in roof covering. The most common option is asphalt shingles which last between fifteen and twenty-five years. To ensure you get a long lasting replacement, you might want to opt for better Roofing in Silverdale WA such as steel roofing or fiber-cement tiles. Steel roofing is a lightweight sheet of stamped steel that can resemble several roofing options including wood shake, asphalt shingles and clay tiles. Steel roofing is generally warranted for fifty years or more. Fiber-cement is a durable tile system that is designed to last at least thirty years. One alternative to the standard asphalt is composite shingles. These are double or triple layered shingles that are shaped to give your roof a unique look. Composite shingles give your roof depth and character in a style that resembles slate.

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