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Cash advance services are readily available in most cities. Such “quick cash” businesses provide payday advance loans to customers, allowing them to receive cash on short-term credit and repay the cash advance after their actual payday. A customer needs little collateral- simply their job – to apply for a cash advance or payday loan.

Cash advance options offer plenty of instant benefit and can allow customers to proceed with important purchases or services by providing cash at the time of need rather than on a payday schedule. Before choosing any cash advance service, it’s important to understand how the payday loans work and what your loan options are.

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Because a cash advance or payday loan is based on your next paycheck, the loan amount you will be allowed to take out will vary depending on your paycheck. Because the only collateral you need for a payday cash advance is generally your job, taking out a cash advance provides you with fast cash. It’s important to remember that fast cash is, in effect, coming out of your next payday, and to plan carefully to use the loan wisely and arrange to repay the cash advance on time.

A cash advance, as a short-term loan, will carry a relatively high interest rate. However, taking a cash advance from your credit card or line of credit will have a similarly high (or higher) interest rate, so a professional cash advance business may be an advantage over a traditional line of credit cash advance. Generally, cash advance or payday loan locations do not report loans or check your credit (another difference from a traditional line of credit cash advance), which is another advantage. Any time a business runs your credit, it negatively affects your credit at least slightly. The no-credit advantage, of course, assumes you repay the loan as per the loan agreements. If you do not meet the agreement for repaying a cash advance, you risk much greater damage to your credit rating as the cash advance business will report any outstanding loans.

With any cash advance, whether through a cash advance business or a line of credit, be sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the cash loans. Be certain you have a plan for repaying the cash advance by the agreed upon term to avoid damaging your credit. If you fail to meet the terms of the cash advance agreement, you will not only likely be unable to take future cash advance loans from the quick cash business, your damaged credit will also hamper your ability to qualify for any other type of loan or credit. Even if a loan is approved, a damaged credit score means you will likely pay higher interest rates on any credit card, line of credit, or loan you receive.

With the basic understanding of how a cash advance works, choose carefully if and when you will take a payday loan. Only you can make the decision of which circumstances merit the fast cash loan. Choose a reputable cash advance business, read all loan terms and agreements, and be sure your loan representative answers any questions you have about the loan before you take the cash advance. When used responsibly, a cash advance can be a viable short-term loan option.

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