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There are some of you who’ve always wanted to use your private car for any of your trips. Well, the reason is quite obvious. It’s because you feel comfortable being in-charge of the ride yourself. You feel no one can do it better for you than you do. But then again, what if the situation calls for a private hire? Will you still opt to use your private car? In order to separate the pros and cons between using your private car and opting for a car hire, the paragraphs below will help.

Using your private car

You’re in charge. Meaning to say, if you’re taking a trip somewhere else with your family, you don’t have to rush every time somebody else fetches you. In other words, you’re in control of your time. You can go to places you want to visit without thinking about the fact that somebody else is waiting for you.

You also think of money savings when it comes to using your private car. After all, you don’t have to pay any amount to a service provider. Plus, you don’t have to give him the customary tip at the end of the day. Yes, you do save much money on that except for the fact that you’ll have to pay for gas.

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Opting for a private hire

Let’s look at the other side of the coin now. What makes private hire an advantage over using a private car? Well, the answer is simple. You don’t strain yourself as somebody will do the driving for you. You can even enjoy the ride and take some pictures of new sights you’ve never seen before. Plus, he can take you to unfamiliar places without much of a problem.

Add to that the fact that he’s licensed by local authorities in the UK. You’re also assured that the company checks on the safety of the vehicle before you even take your trip. When you make use of your own private car, you have to do all those things beforehand. Accept the fact that you may even forget doing all necessary checks before you take the trip. And even if you do, that’s so much hassle to your time.

Above all, the private hire driver remembers everything you need. He will never have problems about car keys. He will not have problems with car parking. If he does have problems with these two, he’ll be terminated from the service.

So which is a better choice your private car or using a private hire?

Well, you’ve thought of the money savings you’ll have if you use your private car for a trip. But remember that aside from paying fuel, your car’s wear and tear is inevitable. Parking fees can even add up to the total cost you have to spend. There’s not much money savings after all.

Obviously, using private hire is a more practical choice over using your own car for a certain trip. If you’re just hanging around town, then by all means you can use your private car. But if you’re going abroad, the private hire service is a better option to consider.

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