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It is never too late to improve the appearance of your smile. Although orthodontic treatment is usually recommended as early in life as possible, teeth can be moved at any age. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, almost 20% of braces wearers are adults. If you are considering adult orthodontic treatment, it is important to consult an experienced orthodontist in Southlake, TX, or your hometown, to discuss your options. Read on to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about adult orthodontics.

Is There an Age Limit to Orthodontics?

No! It is never too late to get braces. Whether you never received orthodontic treatment or just didnt wear your retainers as a teenager, teeth can be shifted and straightened at any age. Due to the recent advancements in cosmetic orthodontics such as ceramic braces and Invisilign, more adults than ever are embracing orthodontics as a way to improve themselves and their smile.

Why Do Adults Get Braces?

Although there are many reasons for adults to consider orthodontic treatment, most people just want to look their best. The following are some of the most common reasons for adults to visit the orthodontist:

A straighter smile: Many adults get braces because their parents couldnt afford it when they were growing up and they want to improve their smile and their self-confidence.

Shifting teeth: Some adults that had braces when they were young require additional treatment because their teeth have shifted as they have aged.

Better oral health: Straight teeth are easier to care for and will contribute to healthier gums and less oral decay.

Jaw pain: Incorrect bites can cause bruxism, or the habitual grinding or clenching of the teeth. Orthodontics can be used to realign the teeth and reduce jaw pain.

Dental Issues: Braces can be used to change the position of the teeth to make room for a dental crown, bridge, or implant.

How Does Adult Treatment Differ from Pediatric Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment forces the teeth to move in the same way for both adults and children, but treatment can take longer for adults due to the maturity of the dental and jaw bones. Because the jaw is no longer growing, the process of enlarging or stretching the jaw may take longer and can be more painful. Pulling teeth or jaw surgery may also be required for some adults to receive optimal results. Other factors common in adult patients including gum or bone loss from periodontal disease and worn or missing teeth also require a different level of care than younger patients.

What Does Adult Orthodontic Treatment Feel Like?

Orthodontic treatment is typically harder for adults than children and teenagers. Adults can expect to be sore for about a week when the braces are initially applied to the teeth, but the tenderness will go away. There will also be some pain for a few days each time the braces are adjusted. Many adults also comment that their teeth feel loose after getting braces. This is because the teeth become anchored by little filaments in mature mouths. Orthodontists must loosen the filaments before the teeth can be moved, which creates the loose feeling. The filaments will tighten again after the braces are removed.

What Are the Treatment Options for Adults?

Braces have evolved significantly over the last 15 years to include a variety of options that are more lightweight, customized, and aesthetically pleasing for adult patients. The most popular orthodontic options among adults include the following:


Ceramic braces

Self-ligating braces

Lingual braces

Traditional metal braces

When considering adult braces, it is important to consult an experienced orthodontist in orthodontist in Southlake, TX, to determine which option will work best for your individual needs.

When considering adult braces, it is important to consult an experienced orthodontist in South Lake, TX, to determine which option will work best for your individual needs.

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