653109-B21 SSD as a much Improved Storage Solution


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Solid State Drive (SSD) model 653109-B21 from Hewlett Packard is designed to deliver outstanding input/ output performance. With high performance, low power consumption and lower latency as compared to traditional disk drives, this SSD is capable of protecting your enterprise investment. As storage requirements have become increasingly complex and demanding it is essential to have a server infrastructure that is reliable, available, scalable and serviceable. This is even more pertinent when applications run are critical.

Product features of 653109 Solid State Drive

This item endowed with NAND (not negated) Flash memory is hot swappable and featured with:

Storage capacity of 800GB;


Serially attached SCSI 2 interface;

Data is transferred at 600MBps;

NAND Flash is MLC (multi level cell) type;

It has an internal SFF (small from factor) of 2.5 ;

This SSD module is compatible with server models SL250s Gen8, SL230s Gen8, ML350p Gen8, DL380p Gen8, DL360p Gen8, and ProLiant BL460c Gen8;

It comes bundled with HP SmartDrive carrier


SSD model


is an enterprise level secondary storage solution capable of taking huge workloads. It has incomparable endurance and is capable of taking unrestricted input/ output instructions. Its endurance performance ratio is among the best in this range of products. This module has the ability to increase storage either internally through direct attachment to server or externally through integration with a hot swappable drive bay.

This HP solid state drive is ideal for read workloads of even the most demanding types, even to the levels of 60x of read performances selected randomly. As it is possible to achieve the same or higher levels of performance as compared to several hard disks put together, investing in 653109 is a wiser decision. Not only do you save on the space occupied but also power consumed. The recurring cost of running your network infrastructure gets substantially reduced because of economising on power and viable usage of available resources.

This product is being offered with a 3-year warranty thereby signifying its commitment towards performance and protection of investment. Its inbuilt ability to seamlessly synchronize with SATA (serial attachment), and SAS (serial attached SCSI), drives allows both varieties of drives to use the same infrastructure. Its hot plug feature allows your server system together with its network perform without interruption even in the event of a drive being replaced. Replacements are possible even when your system stays operational. Availability of the system is therefore augment several times. This HP SSD being scalable protects your computerised network for a reasonable period of time. Protection of investment is vital for having an edge over competition. Present generation marketing being extremely price sensitive, a slight deviation could mean a significant change of market share.

Considering price-performance and endurance-performance ratios opting for a solid state drive is always a justifiable decision as compared to traditional hard drives particularly for a server and network infrastructure.

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