Jawhorse Reviews: What is the Real Story on the Rockwell Jawhorse?


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Have you seen the infomercials on the Rockwell Jawhorse? Users review the equipment and weigh in on its strengths and weaknesses. Are you considering purchasing one for your home work shop? Is the Rockwell Jawhorse right for you? What follows below are some points made by video reviewers as well as Amazon customers who purchased the equipment.

There are 183 Amazon Reviews for the Rockwell Jawhorse. Seventy-five percent of all reviewers gave it the highest rating: Five Stars! Thats about 75 percent of all reviewers! So what did they like about this piece of equipment? The video reviews were positive as well. What did they like about the Jawhorse?

1. Many reviewers liked the sturdy construction of the device.

2. It comes assembled and ready to use out of the box.

3. The lock release allows quick release of items rather than having to unscrew a clamp.


4. The tripod does lend itself to some stability even on uneven surfaces.

5. It does a great job clamping down and holding items.

6. It is an extremely versatile device. It can be used as a workbench, clamp, sawhorse, vise and base for a variety of tools.

7. Pads on the clamps prevent damaging or marring.

There were a few weaknesses indicated as well.

1. There are complaints the owners manual was not very helpful.

2. There are some complaints about the wheel, the lock down button and a couple of other parts that are made of plastic instead of metal

3. Some people point out that tripod leg arrangement is not the most stable arrangement because it is easier to tip than most four legged structures

4. The roller/wheel doesnt work well on rough surfaces.

The Jawhorse appears to be well like by people who have purchased it. It is a well built piece of equipment that can be used in the home workshop or in some construction settings. It is like having a second set of hands.

If you are considering purchasing the Jawhorse please check out

Jawhorse Reviews

for additional information. You can also watch some

video reviews

about this product as well as a demonstration video.

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Jawhorse Reviews: What is the Real Story on the Rockwell Jawhorse?}

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